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Admetus pumilio (Tarantulidae) - Paarungsverhalten


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Formal Metadata

Title Admetus pumilio (Tarantulidae) - Paarungsverhalten
Alternative Title Admetus pumilio (Tarantulidae) - Mating Behaviour
Author Weygoldt, Peter
License No Open Access License:
German copyright law applies. This film may be used for your own use but it may not be distributed via the internet or passed on to external parties.
DOI 10.3203/IWF/E-1860
IWF Signature E 1860
Publisher IWF (Göttingen)
Release Date 1972
Language Silent film
Producer IWF
Production Year 1971

Technical Metadata

IWF Technical Data Film, 16 mm, 118 m ; F, 11 min

Content Metadata

Subject Area Life Sciences
Abstract Geißelspinne. Betrillern der Weibchen bei der Balz und Greifen mit den Palpen, Bildung der Spermatophore, Öffnen der Samenpakete durch das Männchen, Locken des Weibchens über die Spermatophore durch Winken mit den Fühlerbeinen. Aufnahme des Spermas in die weibliche Geschlechtsöffnung.
The film shows courtship and sperm transfer in the large tailless whip scorpion Admetus pumilio from the Amazonas. The courtship display takes several hours during which the male taps the female in a characteristic manner. Occasionally, he steps foreward and grasps at the female with unfolded pedipalps. Finally, the male turns until facing away from the female and produces the spermatophore. This takes about ten minutes. During this time, he keeps contact with the female by alternatingly holding one or the other trembling antenniform leg backwards towards the female. Thereafter he turns towards the female again and, using his chelicerae opens the sperm packages of the spermatophore. Finally, he steps backward, performing beckoning movements with his antenniform legs. The female follows, steps over the spermatophore and picks up the sperm.
Keywords Geißelspinne
Spinne / Geißelspinne
Admetus pumilio
Paarung / Amplypygi
Spermatophore / Arachnida
Balz / Arachnida
courtship / Arachnida
spermatophore / Arachnida
mating / Amplypygi
Admetus pumilio
tailless whip scorpion

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