Aporrhais pespelecani (Prosobranchia) - Lokomotion

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Aporrhais pespelecani (Prosobranchia) - Lokomotion
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Aporrhais pespelecani (Prosobranchia) - Locomotion
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E 1108
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Silent film
Hans-Rudolf Haefelfinger
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Film, 16 mm, 67 m ; SW, 6 1/2 min

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Arhythmische Bewegungsweise des Pelikanfußes; das Gehäuse ist auf drei Fortsätzen gelagert, Bewegung des Fußes im "Schalentunnel", Hochstemmen der Schale, die durch Schwerpunktverlagerung horizontal bewegt wird; Nachziehen des Fußes, zickzackförmige Fortbewegung.
Locomotion of the marine prosobranchiate Aporrphais pespelecani (Pelican's foot). Locomotion is not derived from typical creep movements, but from so-called "going on crutches". The shell whorls on the one hand and the shell projections on the other form a kind of tunnel in which the foot can move freely. If the foot is set down, the spiralled shell is lifted, and only the two projections prevent it from rolling over. With greater stretching of the foot, the shell tilts forward slightly and then back again to the ground. The foot is retracted and set down again a little way ahead. The result is a zig-zag form of locomotion.
Keywords Pelikanfuß Gewöhnlicher Pelikanfuß Aporrhais pespelecani Prosobranchia Fortbewegung / Mollusca walking / Mollusca going / Mollusca locomotion / Mollusca Prosobranchia Aporrhais pespelecani common pelican's foot pelican's foot