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Conversation at the exhibition "Out of this word - wonders of the Solar System" at Gasometer Oberhausen


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Title Conversation at the exhibition "Out of this word - wonders of the Solar System" at Gasometer Oberhausen
Author Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
License No Open Access License:
German copyright law applies. This film may be used for your own use but it may not be distributed via the internet or passed on to external parties.
DOI 10.5446/12864
Publisher Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
Release Date 2010
Language English

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Subject Area Engineering
Abstract In this interview astronaut Alan Bean tells about his trip to the moon and the possibility of future missions to other planets.
Keywords Astronaut
Alan Bean
we have to deal with food slant all my Yang 1 of the questions that
I had been asked me Tang come all From now was a 4th man to get the
opportunity to walk on the way back in November of 1969 is Is it difficult to explain that to people on earth no slotted off walking on the moon reminded me very much when I was a boy In had on a snowsuit Snow and I was cold and my mother put on a hat and gloves and boots and then I went outside and ran around in the snow walking on the
moon in a spacesuit feels a lot like that course is not cold out its hot but still you gotta be in this clumsy suit just as I
had to be usable we were the 2nd mission the 1st major
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin a out for one-time their job was to get there and get back alive and get out quickly gather some rocks and put up a flat in making
dissected detonation instead now look go to this
Surveyor spacecraft cut
off the camera bring it home
Cut off the scoop bring it home go look around for a rock
important rocks we thought we had a lot of geology training those rocks put out a flag without some experiments we will win out
walked 2 different times for about 3 and a half hours each time so we had plenty of time to find a geology and bring it home well when
we were going to the winner and no
1 said look you can pick up a rock put your pocket but we knew that the price of the mission and the rest in everything was for human beings in general so we never got a rock owner anything like that most of the commenters
I guess I have to say really ahead of just the memories of having good fortune out of all these
billions of people on Earth to be 1 of 12 humans they got a chance to walk around on another players besides
the I'm an artist left the space program almost 30 years ago with the idea
that I had been to another world only 11 people would done that and I said you know maybe I should pay my experiences and leave
those after I'm dog not be here forever I'm 78 so these paintings of my adventures the adventures of the other astronauts they got to walk on the moon are what I'm leaving behind as
I did these paintings I wanted to have moved at thought it would be fun but no 1 ever Davis a moon rock but they did give us the flag this the patches on mice and they were
dirty so I cut those up and put him in the paintings so each painting has a small amount of nevertheless it is moving us from the Arsenal storms will I have to say that my opinion about what's next is
not been very accurate because when I was an astronaut I imagined that we would keep going back to the moon and build a base there a colony of people and then about that time in in my life time and that we would then be going the Mars I thought that that was 40 years ago sent senior humans don't do things like that for very long we lose interest we have a short attention span eventually
humans will go back to the moon I don't know where I wish it
were next year doesn't look like it from our politicians president
Obama said were not gonna do that well they're in charge I guess we're not Sunday you'll be gone in another president of Common maybe you'll want to go to the moon or not and maybe then the 1 after that all wanna go to moon maybe a want marchers she'll wanna March I don't even know but sooner or later human beings are a return the moon exploration areas and they're gonna build cities and they're going to go to bars and do the same thing just as people from Europe came over to the new world Sunday
people will have a life on the moon and Mars just as we gain from the old world where we are right on Germany's over to the new world if I were a young
man again with tuna are but if I were I would want to go to Mars we bend now we haven't explored we haven't just look to a few little little areas not very well he was good at the time but I do believe that things would be the most exciting meet and also the rest of the people on Earth was daughter martyrs and then after we've gone there a few times and start thinking about trying to go to a moon of Jupiter some try to go to places that we haven't been that we wonder what their life and someday long after all of us are gone people will be standing here honor saying Let's get that rocket ready we're going to that star out there and it's gonna take it's about 5 years to get to it because there's a planet around it looks a lot like the Earth Let's go there and see if human people like us there maybe they will look the same but maybe they're intelligent we could connect with salmon talk with see what they're like humans wanna do this it'll happen not not in my lifetime not in the viewers like that but sometimes sometimes this
was DAR cost
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