DLR review of the year 2009


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DLR review of the year 2009
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
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Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
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The year 2009 has brought a lot of new insights in DLR's research.
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b How do you that's right Fortier law
the year 2009 was a very exciting and a very successful year In all other areas Aeronautics Space Flight energy transport and safety we were able to obtain new insights now we're trying to incorporate them in practice for example in space flight the mast 100 isn't isolation project carried out in Russia in cooperation with Ross cosmos and others in aviation we've welcomed the arrival of Germany over new aircraft Taylor below is an aircraft especially suited to long-distance high-altitude flights that is something that working In conjunction with other scientific institutions in Germany will lead to progress in atmospheric research but In the area of energy which includes aeronautics as well we have the aircraft and turret which is playing that is equipped with a motor colored with fuel cells In terms of transportation we continued our efforts to further develop the use of Galileo a road and rail traffic during this year we have also blocked a little bit more intensively take another look DLR strategy itself using a strategic process we've attempted to consolidate common strengths in order to make the concept of what the allow a reality 1 DLR stands for a great many things it stands the cooperation in administration project management and above all the comprehensive activities research areas Aeronautics Space Flight Energy Transportation and Safety I'm certain that the allies is well equipped to contribute its achievements today to the development of knowledge but tomorrow a toe on January the 24th preparations for takeoff for halal ways full swing at the research airport at all but often hold a modified Gulfstream 5 50 Taylor with short high altitude and long-range research aircraft a gives the German
Aerospace Center or DL are 1 of the world's best performance high-altitude
research Jan it's capable of flying into the transition between the troposphere and stratosphere the aircraft not only flies high but also further than all others those that have been available scientific use today at the same time carry up to 3 tonnes of instrumentation arrange greater than 8 thousand kilometers at an altitude of 15 kilometers uh Taylor will give us new insights into what is going on in the atmosphere above us all around the globe Hoff energy for Europe is moving from a vision into reality the desert energy project desert will include solar energy power plants in the North African desert they will generate a nearly unlimited supply of energy in a way that is C O 2 neutral the German Aerospace Center DOOR has assessed the feasibility of the technology and arrived at a positive results now leading technology and financing companies have already begun to implement the concept by 2050 solar energy is expected to cover some 15 cent of Europe's energy needs for Happy Birthday Columbus on February the 7th 2008 the space shuttle Atlantis carried the European space laboratory Columbus to the International Space Station B I S S starting this year at any 1 time 6 astronauts are almost always living and working on board the ISS has become an enormous research Laboratory among the studies being carried out there is Waco investigation of plants behavior in gravity free
conditions others involved radiobiology Astra biology and human physiology European Space Agency astronaut Frank Davine as being on board since May in October he became the 1st European to take command at the station I hereby except demands of the international space station a man Dean space telescope is searching for another the French-German satellite Coro is hunting for excellent planets these heavenly bodies are research emphasis allows Institute of planetary research in after school but In
February the satellite produced a surprising sensation it discovered rose 17 a rocky planet outside our solar system located 400
light years from Earth with temperatures in some places of
1 thousand degrees Celsius index ferocity
discovery of Coretta 7 is a real strike of because the mission was carried out just for that purpose the telescope was built to find planets outside the solar system and after 3 years in orbit Corel actually did that the mission's objective has been achieved and discovered a planet which is great I came here
coral monitors the brightness of thousands of starts if a planet crosses in front of a stock it blocks some of the stars like just the slightest of shadows can betray the presence of an unknown planet the coral mission was initially scheduled to end in 2009 and now it's been extended the offer had naturally we will continue to file a small koruna has to prevail in competition with the cat permission which has just been started by Nasser and is beginning to find planets to the Corel is particularly well suited to get close stars and find hot planets it will continue to do this said compliments cat which will bring some really important results of year
Coro searches yet to yield a twin via but space is still filled with many wonder is yet to be detected many guests
waited to see the astronauts at
the end of 105 days of virtual space flight on July the 14th but in Mars 500 for Russians Frenchman and German the because we tend to real life the overall and now in retrospect as well I'm amazed at how quickly the time passed during the project I completely lost my sense of time in the long term when he ended the experimented didn't seem like being in a 3 and a half months it was more like 3 and a half weeks but target for 3 months the crew
was strictly cut off from the outside world in a 180 square meter container at the Institute of Biomedical Problems in Moscow the aim of the experiment
was to discover if humans are able to maintain their full physical and psychological
capabilities under extreme conditions similar to those on a flight to Mars set up credit that publicized by either family the quite
delicious not all the crew members share that opinion but the Russian crew members in particular had
some problems with the food perhaps because Russian cooking is a bit different from what we had lot from the freezer we had
Wienerschnitzel pasta meals they were balanced meals put together by researchers at the University of airline in order to punch mouse 500 through DLI also while in 2010
another crew the Moscow modules where they'll stay for 520 days to simulate a flight to Mars
Ying leanings on like any other journey trip to the stars originates in the imagination and is frequently followed by a step into reality perhaps the most famous of these steps took place 40 years ago when the 1st humans set foot on our closest neighbor in space the on April the 2nd the exhibition out of this world wonders of the solar system opened all the houses the biggest moon on has a diameter of 25 meters and can be admired at the city's gas summit valuable historical documents globes and celestial charts also on display the exhibition depicts our solar system as
1 in a state of perpetual synthesis and decay DLI is a co-sponsor of the exhibition 400 thousand visitors have already
attended the show was being extended for ruler 2010 the European Capital of Culture for 2 years at 7 to 8
aircraft located in getting and has provided researchers with the opportunity to investigate the
influence pressurized cabin environment have on airline passengers using laser
technology complex simulations can be carried out to pro air currents in the cabin what is effective cabin pressurization temperature equity and sound on the passengers and crew moderate temperatures and
as little movement of as possible are said to be optimal intentional add mixtures of oxygen hold promise for improving passenger well-being and as the
industry becomes more competitive only
carriers offering superior passenger comfort and hope to to prevail the thought of the new East astronauts of signing autographs ahead of
future missions in space the German team member is the geophysicist Alexander
guest he was chosen from a
field of 8 413 candidates but I wanted to become a national because I'm cheeriest even when I was a kid I wanted to know what was behind every tree under every rock I wanted to know what's out there the 1st time I saw the stance as my grandfather and my father said there are more stars out there than grains of sand on Earth and I well what's there someone live then you find out if there another questions that developed then and I still find gripping another is a small chance maybe to fly to a neighboring planet perceived as like the thought that the report that I passed that test in Hamburg reached me when I was in a prime Evil rain forest in Vanuatu that's not Pentagon Fiji had my sat firm with me because we on a research trip to look at volcanoes I got a text message from east a satellite text that I had made it a step further that it was amazing the fact it was a bit surreal I was taking geophysical measurements on a survey is made up of craters from an active volcano and I got such good news from a set I'm now I've got a different career I've traded the 2nd best job in the world for the best 1 so there's quite a bit is going to change but for me personally I hope that not much does I don't feel like a man of the top and possibilities Easter belongs to it they allowed us to the all people who are united by a fascination with space travel just a part of it 1 it's clear to me that a mission to the space station is only possible because thousands of individuals have been working hard to make it happen I'm 1 of them and I'm happy about it Germany's 1st National robotics conference was held in Berlin in May at the event 1 of the hot
topics was the potential
contribution Space robotics has to make Germany's global economic competitiveness automation and robotics a feel for the future and Germany wants to play
a role they show you Jewish of
technological leadership ladies and gentlemen is not something that can be ordered in the short term and there's no long-term subscription regulated the forefront the only renewed automatically and we all know that technological leadership is the result of long phases of research and development development of innovative products an innovative techniques
on To me it is much more a matter of
taking the enormous potential contained in the space flight industry at exploiting the economic growth and well-being in our country at the conference DLR presented the latest research results added new projects the conference may have
been a magnet for those interested in robots that work in space but the robot just in from the
DLI Institute of repulsive said to make Optronics showed that innovative machines are perfectly capable of getting along on us as well a new Rolls-Royce aircraft engine is being tested at test bed dealer in getting and it's the am test that in Germany where modern turbine aircraft engines can be tested under realistic conditions at the facility plays a leading role in the development of environmentally friendly
inexpensive aircraft engines on June the 12th event
Economics Minister of Lower Saxony filet closely presented a research grant of more than 2 million euros to the researchers at DL on us and we have a lot of work but said he could I would be woods and to make it clear from the standpoint of the state government in Lower Saxony everything can carried out because of the value of space flight in aeronautics research and industry and of course here DLR plays an important role and we think it's important that research is going on here also in terms of growth and employment that's why we issues is Grant so we can carry out better and more research particularly in the area of turbines which are not only important aeronautics but also for energy generation it's time to see if this plane is tough
enough taxi dealers
research aircraft be a 320 is being made ready
for an unusual experiment this taxi vibration
test was carried out on June the 24th in munching
english . in Bavaria unique in the world experiment is a refinement of the standard ground vibration tests carried out
on aircraft contract
taxis over wooden boards of plants at a walking pace on a
specially prepared runway it's an extremely bumpy ride
vibration frequencies and patterns and cause the wings to twist banned this simple method allows technicians to measure the vibration of the aircraft but also
eliminates the need for large
equipment required to carry out stationary vibration tests when the Airbus A
3 80 was developed standard ground vibration
tests took about 6 weeks taxi vibration
testing by contrast takes just a few days it's a technique that saves time and money in the development of new aircraft they make way for
an Torre's and a hangar at humbug airport and unusual motor glider retirees was rolled out for its maiden flight on July the 7th the DLR
research aircraft uses hydrogen fuel and is the
1st playing in the world capable of taking off using only
electric power from fuel cells research glider was
developed at allows Institute of technical thermodynamics
in Stuttgart illustrates progress fuel-cell
technology was a reason was
chosen as the site of the plane's maiden flight its more
than an important symbol especially aviation in Hamburg Germany table at work in aviation to bury important segments of the local economy and was named European Green Capital of Europe for the year 2011 documents how seriously we take new alternative forms of energy but are just playing around interested in real applications it's great that the maiden flight took place here with the Tuesday and Torre's
taking off into the new future flights in the epoch of climate change
there's no exhaust or hauling engine noise and Indiana all the plane admits is a little water the aircraft has a range of 750 kilometers an Air Berlin
crew was getting ready for a completely different Allianz flight on July the 25th in
Munich the boss of the Boeing fleet is co-pilot and allows
scientists were on board to test a new landing approach system that destination is branch at the research airport
has put an experimental ground stations for satellite guided precision landings into operation by using the data gathered by the ground base augmentation system that's for sure what the position of the aircraft can be corrected to and
degree unlike conventional instrument landing systems or ILS which allow only a straight approach G best uses 3 D way points to depict approach
from any annual G best
makes particularly steeple curbed approach is possible that
gives control is an opportunity to make a
significant reduction in the aircraft noise pursued by
voters will balloon flight paths that test showed the system
works landing in Branch White
was right on target we learned a lot what we were are doing it for example border angle you could fly in and the precision was really good as well with really excited about it
jewel costly in the southern part of Moscow's
DLI was represented along with others at the German exhibition stand months
most do areas along 2009 science and
research create strong ties Russian Prime Minister
Vladimir Putin came out to assess for himself the positive aspects of German Russian
cooperation in air and space flight it's a partnership with a long history then they went on the sign contracts for more future teamwork a concrete
example of German Russian synergy is a rosy a telescope designed to detect Doc energy there was
also a great amount of interest in German high-tech developed by the
German Aerospace Center D L R all EDT each day
using hot add to generate electricity Germany's resettlement tala power began operating officially on August the 20th it uses more than 2 thousand computer-controlled
mirrors spread over in a detector area To reflects solar radiation at a receiver that has been developed and
patented by D L on the
receiver is installed at the top of the power plant which is 60 meters tall this
technology was 1st
demonstrated successfully in
you later the concentrated solar rays heat the porous ceramic elements of the receiver to temperatures as high as 1 thousand degrees Celsius is heat is then used to generate steam heat recovery boiler that drives a turbine at the moment Germany
so that top pulp plant is generating some 1 . 5 megawatts of electricity for some 400 private households researchers say
they'll use the knowledge gained from this project to build bigger systems to generate energy in parts of the world but a rich in sunshine Cologne got its 1st look at at the world's biggest passenger aircraft on September the 20th the 83 84 didn't amount Cologne Bonn airport the plane was the star attraction at German aerospace company the general public got a look at the innards of enormous jet a test model used to assess suitability for everyday use DLI welcomed a record number of visitors more than 100 thousand guests to be event
Air and space flight has a special fascination for many
Catholic fact that you order by onto the airport is completely jammed up and people are still coming with all means of transport cars on photo on bicycles means we've really got something special off our at Afghan policy visitors also
gained insights into Deir last work space missions
aviation research and astronaut training they could peek behind the scenes of science and research to see how new
technology developed in the laboratory on models of satellites and in control
centers it was a day to get an overview in-depth
knowledge and enjoy a number of
officials were on hand for the groundbreaking of new research center and we have a laboratory for and space medicine
among the guests were the German government and space and it appeared to him and the state premier of North Rhine-Westphalia you're going over fears they had this to
say about Air and Space Research in Germany yeah our
he national Airspace research facility where profit it still here and Rhine-Westphalia not just with national training not just with research but with diverse activities for example in the area of medicine national research facility is very important for us at the German
aerospace date is is the biggest event sponsored by the German Aerospace Center the public incumbency feel even touch what aviation and space flight means see modern aircraft space exploration communications transportation and energy technology medicine and the significance of these springboard technologies have our country and I'm also quite certain that young people will come and say that could be a career for me back DL art is
also developing the know-how for
making heat resistant
materials capable of withstanding the scorching trip back into the F set this year
Europe currently doesn't have a spacecraft that can
survive the heat of re-entry researchers and developers in
stood guard working on X but a rocket code that can gather data during the fiery trip back home that information will then be used to develop craft for future
space flights the nose Cohen will be equipped to carry out 14 experiments including measuring at current
surface temperature heat flux and aerodynamic pressure the capsule will travel back into the Earth's atmosphere at a rate
20 times the speed of sound it will heat up to 2
thousand 100 degrees Celsius in new silicon carbide panels should be able to
withstand temperatures far higher the DLR facility aplomb puts House celebrated the 50th anniversary of its founding on October the 10th a leading
site for testing rocket engines lump thousands
history is a success story
I feel just as it was today it is important to think beyond the president to develop new concepts and formulate New Visions that's what sampled Carlson stands for as airline research center at a National
Space Flight agency the story of lump was housing begins in
1959 with the initiative from the rocket
pioneer wagon saying how to build the 1st rocket test bed in the
hot toys a forest at the
beginning of the 1960 Europe was working to get into space on its own the decision is made to build the Europol rocket and tests carried out on the stage as stressed this part of the rocket was developed in Germany and the trials well that lamp posts house In
1973 the project is terminated after a series of failures things
began to look out for lump puts
houses with the development of the European rocket Ariane its
Viking a engines at tested in number puts House ahead of the 1st successful launch of
Ariane 1 In 1979 The
family of Ariel rockets becomes a global market leader among commercial
payload launching systems today lump ores housing is a thriving high-technology facility volcano engines are now being proven in test bed Best state-of-the-art engines for the main stage of Ariel I'm fine the 1st successful Ariane 5
launch was on October the 20 1st 1998
Solar Impulse is as big as an Airbus but weighs about as much as a compact car solar-powered aircraft gets its energy from solar cells scientists at the dealer Institute of Aero
elastic yet again putting enormous glided through its paces the
plane's extremely light structure is being evaluated using standard ground
vibration tests Solar Impulse is expected to make its maiden flight in
2011 with pilots that prompted got and are bought back the
idea of a free piston engine may be an old 1 but it remains visionary nevertheless it combine any fuel and diesel or petrol optimal at the DLI the Institute of vehicle
concepts researches have an engine that works without a connecting what have been developing it
further a powertrain for huge
automobiles the engine is
used to drive the generator that produces electricity successful experiments led
well-known carmakers to hope this engine can achieve a higher level of efficiency and reduce emissions scientists believe the free piston engine will be more efficient than current hybrid engines History has never looked like this images from nearly a century collected from aerial photographs and data from satellites where animated by scientists at CLI show the changes that have taken place on hot summer plots from 1928 to the press there is perhaps no other place in the country where traces of a radical change in German history can be more clearly recognized nobody can actually say for certain what is impossible DLR scientists search 1st 4 boundaries in order to transcend the pursuit of knowledge for the future


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