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Year in Review
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Here at DLR, we once again look back at an eventful year. There were many highlights in DLR’s research fields of aeronautics, space, transportation, energy and security, and we have compiled some of the most compelling ones in video here.
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Rail transport operations Satellite Space rendezvous
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we went there are you doing you he
a house psycho theirs
them 2011 was a very eventful year for deal on the German Aerospace Center we have made progress in all areas of our operations to meet today's global challenges In aviation we tested new landing approach procedures without a 320 we installed an electric knows where which enables a plane to taxi using electricity power by fuel cells we made advances in airplane cabin technology we also saw the successful launch and delivery of the ATV to Chinese Camp led to the International Space Station where we also installed B I'm and using the penultimate space shuttle flight that we saw the successful launch of 2 Galileo satellite the 1st components of the European satellite navigation system at the in the transportation sector I would like to mention a I M application platform for intelligent mobility based in Bonn In the energy sector we are now able to enter of energy research with the purchase of the Solar Taoyuan but the laugh belief this was the topic of security has showed itself to be ever more important we were able to observe the Fukushima catastrophe from space able to give tips to rescue workers we also planning to address maritime security I am delighted that we finally have a complete and comprehensive executive board with which I am sure the German Aerospace Center will be able to meet all future challenges Our West 4th scientists from Airbus and the German Aerospace Center DLI encouraging and tested a new ventilation system for the 1st time 63 dummies went on a simulated
flight delays as we used to make and airflow visible be advanced
technology research aircraft address was still in the hangar the the a week later it was
time to take to the air for a 4 and a half hour flight this
time 12 human
volunteers were on board as well that job to assess the comfort of the new system it
relies on displacement
ventilation in which cooled air
is introduced from the expected
benefits what confirmed that 4 people the telling service was heading for another satellite scientists
at the German Space Operations Center continued their efforts to use the European proximity operations simulator passed to develop methods to capture move and stick satellites such a
service could extend satellite like 4 years at the testing
facility factors such as solar radiation weightlessness and contact dynamics was simulated these all influence such maneuvers they should be more air How final assembly was carried out on automatic transfer
vehicle ATV to Your Highness Keppler EADS ass
trim facility 18 need to do more than its predecessor it
has to cubic meters more space and can carry an
additional 300 kilograms of cargo fashion editors it was
launched from the European Space quartet in French Guyana crafts destination was the International Space Station ISS DNR Space Administration overseas Germany's role in a TV program after nearly
a day flights PARIS Kaplan docked with the International Space Station on February the 24th
2011 on ball was also the German experiment Geophilus 2 with which the flow behavior of fluids is being researched the German Space Operations Control
Center in often from near Munich took charge of the Swedish Satellite mission prisoner during a five-month period DLI held responsibility for the mission and have the opportunity to carry out experiments
in space prisoner was launched in 2010 and consists of 2 satellites cold mango and tangle the purpose of that mission is to demonstrate independent satellite formation flights in space as well as to prepare for future inspection and repair missions in orbit the I
can't travel could begin like
this in the future without a
driver follows is a test vehicle for a driver and
virtual co-pilot they help each other out on the road are system and slam on the brakes for the driver when danger is imminent Fusco has been developed by the DLI Institute of transportation system take a look into the heart of the gas turbine stood guard
Institute of combustion technology the high-pressure combustion the got HP KS was used on real operating
conditions as it would be buy an
energy supplies it by using state-of-the-art laser Measurement Technology flames were analyzed at high temperatures and pressures war just show how space junk has long been recognized as a threat to active space missions now laser based system
is being developed to let
defunct satellites and help avoid collisions since the beginning of space flight the amount of John increased that's why scientists at the Institute of Technical Physics in Stuttgart on continuing their work to to develop ways to
monitor space junk as a member of the dealer executive board Dr. get global has been responsible for the space administration and Bonn since April 2011 up what what the space administration in Bonn is the main contact point all agencies of the world including of course in Europe we have contacts with people from Nasser to Young said and we see ourselves as the platform in the right place between politics economics and science the main task I set for myself is to better prepare the aerospace center the space administration and Germany space program for the future of of but there are now about all that I personally believe we should concentrate on cultivating ties with future space program partners in Eastern Europe that is a very important
field of Germany space program today has already taken the lead position in many areas around the world I see this primarily conservation program but also in areas like robotics
and above all in areas like science and astronomy as well as in research and the constraints of working in space we must keep its position as well as build and the Space Administration in Bali will play a large part in this F show on the space
shuttle and death took its final flights on the route to the ISS would be Alpha Magnetic spectrometry
0 AMS external platform he expressed logistics carrier to be AMS is equipped with several particle detectors designed to investigate cosmic radiation its purpose to answer basic questions about matter the origin and structure of the universe it's been funded by Germany's Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology the
shuttle returned after a successful 16 day mission goodbye endeavor if
German President Christie employer and the state premier of
Lower Saxony dated McAllister visited the DLI Institute of composer structures binge here DLI is
researching components but made of carbon fiber
reinforced polymers or CRP those who could master
lightweight construction technologies have a competitive
advantage in aviation the
DL asked automotive
engineers set up the 1st crash test at the Institute
of vehicle concepts inched groups of components of being tested under real
conditions crimes waiting time
is accelerated along the length of
1 . 5 0 64 kilometers an hour just seconds of big pressure corporate took to the road DLI
has has the world's biggest
research also with the length of more
than 27 meters and weighing in at 165
tonnes it's used to carry out research on large aircraft components such as fuselage wings and tale units it was
on its way Tesch Dada if you it gave a very her age this car drives independently as well it's the habit car from the DLI Institute of
transportation systems in Blanche right a button is pushed and it's time to let go of the wheel what independent
overtaking but the driver is still responsible for the top and override automatic systems at any time the world's biggest research
autoclave arrived inched up by the doors what OEMs
Canal the ride the ends and the
Phaser rivers the Midlantic
a mild and the Elba River the
trip took more than 2 weeks
ago a bit also required closing a 26 motorway as it
made its way to its destination at the end of
2011 B also play a force to be adjusted
tested and brought into operation it works like a
pressure cooker which materials
form compounds and a high temperatures and pressure on June the 15th 2011 Professor Hans you have entered talks was made a member of the dealer executive board responsible for space research and technology yeah we have set ourselves a major
goal since space flight the challenge is how we prepare ourselves for the future that will certainly be 1 of the biggest issues as well as how we can improve our consulting skills the body the 2nd major area is the development of technological abilities in Space robotics we also have to explore new plants in research 1 of the main areas of focus will be advances in the science of space flight as a whole of big a 4th area is being faster in the construction of
satellites we simply have to improve our turnaround times I see Germany space
program taking a leading role in 10 years together with our European partners and also within the
international community the look but said we have to set the trend in space flight if we succeed in doing that and we have achieved a lot but watch a stub of others it depends how we strengthen the cooperation between the different fields of research
that space flights can contribute a lot to the field of energy research we notice from our Earth observation program we will also have a lot of
overlapping areas with aviation in the future this will also be the case with transportation because the monitoring of international traffic patterns is an important topic is the satellite monitoring of air and ship traffic D-Los
Airbus 320 research
aircraft address carried out an unusual taxiing maneuver of fuel cell power 2 electric motors located in the rim of the nose wheel nose we like this could
drastically reduce noise and
exhaust emissions at airports at Frankfurt airport for example emissions
could be reduced by 17 to
19 % and noise
during taxi almost
100 % put another way it
would save some 44 times of aircraft fuel day
a 47 ton aircraft taxis to the
runway on electric power feel more more more if but the full of research aircraft went on a birthday whether it's
Spitsbergen Greenland the tropics or the southern tip of the
Americas D-Los Forkin 20 research
aircraft has gone to all corners of the globe in the
status of science picture for
35 years the fulcrum has fled the DLI perhaps its most famous flight was in April
2010 as the Icelandic volcano 80 of yellow erupted and grounded
and traffic in Europe it was the
only aircraft to make a number of measurement flight
retirement is still a long way off we got F-4 the German Aerospace Center took over operation of the Solar Energy Taiwan power plant in you live the pilot facility is to be used more intensively for research DLR solar energy experts after work here developing and testing new components aimed at making solar power plants more efficient and less expensive to operate BUT facility is also an example for future parlor plants in southern Europe and North Africa each fee a skier strives for the ideal
position athletes from the
German Paralympics national team tested the Alpine skiing in the winter
time at the Technical University humbug high
above the wind was blowing at
130 kilometers per hour a little
research has been done into the optimal positioning for physically handicapped athletes
researches at DLI Institute for
aerodynamics and float technology in getting and
worked in cooperation with sports doctors to measure
drag force lift force and pitching moment letter former so that Medea in southern Spain DLR energy research has brought a new test facility into operation the device turn almost 360 degrees as a result the the efficiency of the parabolic reflector can be exactly calibrated at
every possible angle earlier the
bank but could the sun's rays that are concentrated by the reflector will to foam oil and absorb up to
400 degrees Celsius and but energy researchers can
use new testing facility to
simulate how parabolic reflectors used in power
plants event by increased the degree of efficiency of the
entire plant Alan the you
sure it's not
fiction but reality the
Institute for transport Research in Berlin has joined
forces with folks what conducted major experiments on a completely new drug trade concept twin drive
the thought to be propelled by by an electric or internal combustion engine computer coordinates how the 2 engines work together large stretches of traveled under electric power it's as
efficient as can be and the combination increases the
vehicles range the DLI Institute of Space Systems gained an important new research facility In a new
laboratory building research satellites and landing systems will be integrated and tested and control systems for space vehicles will also be designed the institute is involved in the research and development of complex space flight systems the he not thank you very
much and now I give this symbolic which is more of a time to the lord of the manor Mr. Davis US How you if if Sofia woes visit to Germany where the world's only flying observatory touched down at Cologne Bonn airport Zofia had set off from California at nite to observe the stars of the stratospheric Observatory infrared astronomy Sofia is
a joint project of Nasser and NTL are in the
infrared spectrum
stars coming into being and be seen even if they're surrounded by
clouds of matter with Sofia's health research is aimed for
increased their understanding of how galaxies developed and how
stars and planetary systems come into being from interstellar matter the flying
space observatory was installed at a specially modified Boeing 7 4
7 8 infrared telescope that was built in Germany isn't catered behind the hatch the organization Nelson have never brought were over budget fun and 4 were still to organizations that have always been out of sync with Nancy was having trouble financially or was there may be or there is it is a worry that a mail ballot which it's really fantastic partnership it's it's really brought to the table on my strengths of each organization in Avery synergistic part of there should be it was time for open house at the DLR citing tens
of thousands of visitors came to learn more about science of
tomorrow because is a great could
take a peek into control rooms satellite up close and get up close astronauts or a little
more under the patronage of
German Economics Minister
adopted for deploys DLR hosted level and space
minister who is introduced Germany's next astronaut it has not made decision and I would like to expressly thank you for choosing Alexander guest as the next German astronaut who will fly to the international space station of the Christmas in 2014 and will be making an extended stay there I wish you much success good fortune health and they got here
I'm looking forward to it it is a terrific time particularly because I'm working together with the people who got this spot with the training with a colleague from the European astronauts center and DLI who all been so committed to this training to this dream that we all have of flying into space you
are in a number of dealer
institutes a working on the
project which is aimed at developing ways to best manage traffic at large events the whole system was
tested for the 1st time at Adams it was a rehearsal for the
real thing which took place on 2
weeks later on October the but
the day of German unity Dr scientists supported
on police gathering both air and ground traffic data these
data with collated at Mission Control Center published
on an online portal designed by DOI NATO where are
shish a the the preparations were made for an
experiment at the Arctic Circle aboard at banks as balloon this was 1 of 20
experiments conducted by student teams at S
range space center in northern Sweden the students
receive technical and logistical support from scientists and engineers from D. L. R. as well as the Swedish space cooperation
a the balloon rises to an altitude of up to 35 kilometers and makes flights of 2 to 5
hours but the payload is is
returned by parachute to be picked up by a helicopter and given to the students for evaluation but I With do he the
cool European Space would infringed launch preparations were underway but the 1st Galileo satellite the building of an independent European satellite navigation system I was about
to get off the ground the
satellites would carried into space aboard a Russian still use rocket with the start of
Galileo Europe has taken a significant step in establishing a purely
civilian navigation system of its own it's also
ensuring jobs for the future
the high precision of Galileo's signals will make
new navigation applications possible in the coming years a total of 30 satellites will be launched to orbit the and provide precise positioning data on the ground but premier on
October 21st
2011 the 1st the staff of us solutes rockets went off without a hitch
at school rule ended thief at the supersonic wind tunnel in
getting a model of an unmanned flying wing is being prepared for an experiment it's an aircraft that consists only of a wing
design is a real challenge for aerodynamic engineers because it has no tail elevators in the wind tunnel encouraging in the research is carried out at speeds of up to Max Zero Point aides to see how Eddie influence the craft's flight the findings will be of great significance in designing and developing unmanned aircraft in future if


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