Medical robotics: MiroSurge


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Medical robotics: MiroSurge
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
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Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt (DLR)
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MiroSurge is a robotic system for minimally invasive surgery. The surgeon operates three robots. Two robots carry minimally invasive instruments. The third robot is equipped with a stereo HD endoscope. A preoperative planning optimizes the robotic setup with a focus on efficiency and safety. This planning data is mapped onto the patient's position intraoperatively by utilizing an optic sensor system. During setup of the robots, the intuitive hands-on control mode as well as a handheld command device is applied. The surgeon controls the robots during surgery from a remote console. Besides autostereoscopic 3D video, this console enables bimanual force-feedback in 6+1 degrees of freedom. Alternatively, the system can be operated with optically tracked instruments.
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of what existing knew this is all robotic system my research as it will be used in future surgery the goal was
to operate on the the patient as gently and precisely as possible all actions will be done remotely by the sudden thorough and using the 3
robots instruments and cameras will be positioned inside the patient's body be
instruments can be angle this provides them with a very high degree of freedom inside the patient course
comedies in 3 islands you see here constitute our medical
robot system my research I'm extends as in
each joint make the arms very sensitive this in a blister
grabbing and moving the robot structure making it very easy to insert the endoscopic
instruments into the patient his system is controlled
remotely by the surgeon who will be sitting at this command consul From there the search
until it operates the system would have input devices forces at which are exerted on these origins
are simultaneously measured and provided backed the surgeon easy to get your inside view
of the patient is displayed to the surgeon on a stereo displayed an artist
stereoscope displays used here so that no additional glasses are required to get a stereo impression did you work picked up by a surgeon moves input
devices which controlled the position and orientation of the 2 instruments inside the the patient's body in addition to the instruments measure the forces that appeared during contact with the origins and rotunda this information to the surgeon does the surgeon feels exactly what the instruments field as they push the organs of consumer goods in the office gone Simona and a Martin our system offers
several advantages compared to manual minimally invasive surgery 1st the operation is much more precisely because it is based
on an augmented view of the patient's interior and the movements are skilled accordingly 2nd it is
possible to angrily instruments inside the patient is loss for a much higher degree of freedom while operating at the
forces of 1 touching the organs also fell by the
surgeon at the command console on this essentially means so that sensitive feeling is brought back into minimally invasive
surgery call their surviving for the future we imagine assisting functions such as
are automatic tracking of heart motion or augmenting the surgeons field of vision all lanes additional information such as preoperative patient data To give the surgeon
better guidance the aim is to provide my research of the
clinics In the future of this the many benefits that will arise from the system in the years to come can already be seen now
nevertheless there clearly remains a way to go from the certification of the system with the surgery on humans using my research beer a yanking my thoughts cast


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