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The history of Mars exploration
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Ulrich Köhler, a planetary geologist at the DLR Institute of Planetary Research, gives us an overview of the history of the exploration of our planetary neighbour.
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Her making him himself Masters 1 authority 2 neighboring planets and its nature of mankind to live in
its neighborhood and also applies for the past week neighborhood ever since people
look the realized that Masters different than all the other planets is right and the register color of
Blood and so it was no wonder that Creek the Romans they
thought this is the place of war so they gave mask the name of the war go and then mask and the
telescope walks away she showed us the change Due to the atmosphere and the weather but they thought forests that are growing and
rain forest all these things only until we reached master spacecraft they realized but
it's a different world from 3 a very dry planet but the early years
of Mars exploration he's been pioneering years love went wrong because very young systems of
state space flight was just but in 10 years the breakthrough
was then early seventies when the
Mariners spacecraft Mars which sent us the 1st 22 images from Uzbek since then we know a little
bit more about must and and of course why can't came in
1976 77 to see How was
really look like nineties
those tragic fate was true but finally came big big missions with
lending probes that had roles on balls periods opportunity now
curiosity of course there's Mars Express more than 10 years
European orbit on another planet is exploring Mars and Of course great also
Parra meters most of our only every 2 years by the planet you have to focus on
preparations to and launch window then you have accelerate the spacecraft reach which but when you Richard is about 100 or
more million kilometres away so you have the next problem but the communication every
signal send the spacecraft its returned from the
spacecraft takes 10 minutes maybe so you don't have direct
influence on what's going on you have to all you have altered program spacecraft and when you want to
lend the even more difficult because you have to fly very high speed for
an atmosphere which you don't know precisely how it reacts because they unite cycles seasonal changes
in this atmosphere this makes last week difficult time well in India
future we hope of course that creosote she returned interesting
data from us into the early 20 the next projects of
course the pipeline and 1 of these projects not mission called he is
the name is part of the program because
they want to look inside a mosque and therefore we
developed a drilling I'm also say that can dig into the Martian surface about 5
meters see this has been developed here alarmed will be launched in a few years to master and the next step the lead with and European
orbit true look for trace gasses yet sphere of and then
lent unmask the European mobile robot look on the Martian
surface and other places where other lenders have been so we want to go with a laboratory like Americans but 8 project of
course all scientists dream about its frequent returns samples from mosques and when we have
samples your of all
laboratories can may be answered a question whether has ever been left in Marseille but still they
left a mosque or if they're still alive enter Haiti you am