Zerspanen der Aluminium-Legierung AlCuMgPb

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Zerspanen der Aluminium-Legierung AlCuMgPb
Schnittvorgang im Feingefüge Variation der Spanungsdicke
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Machining of the AlCuMgPb Aluminum Alloy - Cutting Process in the Microstructure; Thickness Variation of the Chip
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E 1404
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 63 m ; SW, 6 min

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Spanentstehungsprozeß an einer polierten, angeätzten Probe beim Orthogonalschnitt. Die Spanbildung wechselt wegen unterschiedlicher Orientierungen der groben Kristallite. Diese Orientierungsabhängigkeit der Spanungskenngrößen überdeckt den Einfluß der Spanungsdicke auf die Spanbildung.
The film shows how chippings are produced from a polished and etched testing workpiece made of the aluminium forging alloy AlCuMgPb, during orthogonal cutting. Because of the coarse-cristalline structure, with grains considerably larger than the maximum chip thickness, cutting causes the formation of chippings of varying appearance in individual crystals of differing orientation. The shearing area, chip-producing mechanism and visible deformation of the workpiece change with the different types of chip, from flowing chip to shearing chip. The influence on the chipping thickness is concealed by the fact that the chip-production is a direct result of the structure orientation in this coarse, polycrystalline material.
Keywords Spanbildung / Scherspanbildung / Metall Spanbildung / Fließspanbildung / Metall Aluminiumlegierung / Feingefüge Legierung / Aluminiumlegierung Zerspanung / Aluminiumlegierung machining / aluminium alloy alloy / aluminium alloy aluminium alloy / microstructure chip formation / metal Encyclopaedia Cinematographica
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Computer animation Microscopy
Computer animation Microscopy
Computer animation Microscopy
Computer animation Microscopy
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