Apis mellifera (Apidae) - Flight Behavior and Wing Movements

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Apis mellifera (Apidae) - Flight Behavior and Wing Movements
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Apis mellifera (Apidae) - Flugverhalten und Flügelbewegungen
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E 1900
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 139 m ; SW, 13 min

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Honigbiene. Flugverhalten und Flügelbewegungen. Beladen der Pollentaschen, Haltung von Kopf, Antennen und Beinen (V-Spreizung des 3. Beinpaares). "Face to Face" - Verhalten als Form des Kampfes in der Luft. Mit Zeitdehnung.
This film shows the flight behaviour and wing movements of honey bees in free flight. Loading of the pollen baskets, positions of the head, antennae and legs are considered in detail. Leg spreading behaviour is characterized by extension of the third pair of legs behind and to the sides forming a V-shape with all pretarsi oriented upwards. "Face to face" behaviour is a type of aerial fight in which each bee flies directly towards the other usually making body contact at several different points.
Keywords Honigbiene Apis mellifera Biene / Honigbiene Kampf / Insecta Flug / Insecta flight / Insecta fighting behaviour / Insecta Apis mellifera honey bee bee / honey bee Encyclopaedia Cinematographica
IWF Classification Biologie Hymenoptera - Hautflügler Insecta - Insekten Arthropoda - Gliederfüsser Ethologie, Morphologie Zoologie zoology ethology, morphology arthropoda - arthropods insecta - insects hymenoptera - hymenopteran biology