Myotis myotis (Vespertilionidae) - Geburt

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Myotis myotis (Vespertilionidae) - Geburt
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Myotis myotis (Vespertilionidae) - Birth
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E 1631
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 160 m ; SW, 15 min

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Mausohrfledermaus. Der Geburtsbeginn ist erkennbar an den Bewegungen des Embryos und der sichelförmigen Haltung der Schwanzflughaut. Das Junge kann sich aktiv an der Geburt beteiligen. Das Muttertier befreit es von den Embryonalhäuten; das Junge saugt an der Brustzitze, hängt sich dann neben der Mutter auf, die die Nachgeburt frißt und die Nabelschnur abbeißt.
The film shows the whole birth process in several animals. The beginning of the birth can be recognized from strong movements of the embryo and from the sickle shaped attitude of the cervical patagium of the tail; the mother hangs in such a manner that the axis of her body forms an angle of about 90° to the vertical. The newborn is born in breech presentation, playing an active part itself and coming into the cervical patagrium of the tail. The mother frees it from the embryonal membranes; the young one climbs up to the nipples and attaches itself on by suction. Using its back legs it then hangs laterally, causing the umbilical cord between mother and newborn to become taut. At this point the mother eats up the afterbirth eliminated and bites off the cord. The shots were taken through a glass plate.
Keywords Fledermaus / Mausohrfledermaus Mausohrfledermaus Großes Mausohr Myotis myotis Säugen Geburt / Chiroptera birth / Chiroptera suckling Myotis myotis large mouse-eared bat greater mouse-eared bat