Vaccinia-Virus - Cytopathische Veränderungen in der Gewebekultur (Affennierenepithel) - Freisetzung der Viren

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Vaccinia-Virus - Cytopathische Veränderungen in der Gewebekultur (Affennierenepithel) - Freisetzung der Viren
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Vaccinia-Virus - Cytopathological Changes in the Tissue Culture (Monkey Renal-Epithelium) - Release of the Viruses
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E 1121
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 105 m ; SW, 10 min

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An infizierten Zellkulturen wird der zytotoxische Effekt durch Zellabrundung und Aneinanderlagerung sichtbar. Bei starker Vergrößerung Darstellung der Virusmatrix. Ausschleusen der synthetisierten Virionen mittels Zellausläufern und schlauchförmigen Protrusionen der Zellmembran.
The film shows the morphological changes of epithelial cells of the kidney in tissue culture after infection with vaccinia virus. At first a cytotoxic effect becomes apparent, characterised by initial rounding and agglomeration of the cells. The cells then move apart again with occasional ameboid movements. In the course of the viral reproduction cycle the matrix of virus reproduction becomes visible around the nucleus. In a temporal relationship with this event the newly synthetised virions move into the periphery of the cell, and great numbers of virions accumulate in the border region of the cell. They are liberated through thin tubular protrusions of the cell membrane and also by thin cytoplasm fibrils and remnants of cytoplasm that have become agglutinated to the bottom of the culture vessel, torn off the cells when the dying cells retract.
Keywords Vaccinia-Virus cytopathischer Effekt (CPE) zytopathogene Effekte, virusale Zelltransformation / virusale Zelltod cytopathic effect (CPE) cell transformation, viral cytopathogenic effects, viral vaccinia-virus cell death

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