Castor fiber canadensis (Castoridae) - Verhalten in der Burg. Mutter und Jungtiere

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Castor fiber canadensis (Castoridae) - Verhalten in der Burg. Mutter und Jungtiere
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Castor fiber canadensis (Castoridae) - Behaviour in Beaver's Hut. Mother and Young
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E 2587
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 116 m ; F, 10 1/2 min

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Freilandaufnahmen. Ein Biber säugt seine zwei Jungen. Sie knabbern bereits spielerisch an Zweigen. Die Mutter entrindet Äste und frißt die Rinde. Alttier und Junge putzen und trocknen ihr Fell.
In a dan, a female brings up two cubs. Patterns of behavious of the mother and of the cubs during different stages of life are shown. The animals are always in the main room at the pool of the "lodge". Here, the mother combs her own and the cubs' fur. With the cleaning claw of the hind foot, she combs thoroughly the fur of the flanks, the neck and the head. One of the cubs tries to comb itself dry too. It succeeds in doing that already very well, without the mother's help, because it has already grown up a little. The mother and the cubs are gnawing willow twigs.The bark is peeled by turning the twig around and the leaves are eaten, one after the other. During this period of tasting solid food the cubs are still suckled.
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