Mitteleuropa, Schwarzwald - Der »Klausebigger« (Nikolausbrauch) in Steinach

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Mitteleuropa, Schwarzwald - Der »Klausebigger« (Nikolausbrauch) in Steinach
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Central Europe, Black Forest - The »Klausebigger« (a St. Nicholas Custom) at Steinach
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Film, 16 mm, LT, 234 m ; SW, 21 1/2 min

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An den Vorabenden des Nikolaustages geht eine Gruppe bestehend aus dem hl. Nikolaus, einer zweiten Nikolausfigur, einer Figur mit Tierkopfmaske (dem Klausenbigger) und einer Figur in Fellgewand (dem Rubelz) von Haus zu Haus. Der hl. Nikolaus sagt einen Spruch auf, der Nikolausbegleiter beschenkt die Kinder und der Rubelz droht ihnen. Der Klausenbigger hat keine aktive Funktion.
On the eve of St. Nicholas day (December 6th) a group of mummed young men goes from house to house. The group consists of St. Nicholas, a second Nicholas figure, a figure with an animal mask (the Klausenbigger, which lent the custom its name), and a figure with fur clothing, the so-called Rubelz. In the individual houses parents and children await together the group's visit. Saint Nicholas utters a rhymed saying and then checks to see if the children have learned their prayers and songs. St. Nicholas' companion gives the children sweets, apples, and nuts and leave a switch behind. The Rubelz threatens to tie disobedient children onto his chain. During the visit the Klausenbigger has no active function. In the end, the four masked figures visit a restaurant.
Keywords Winterbräuche Umgang Schreckgestalten Rupelz Rubelz Nikolaus (6.12.) Masken / Tragen Klausenbigger Brauchtum / Jahreslauf Advent advent custom / course of the year Klausenbigger masks / wearing Nicholas custom Rubelz Rupelz winter customs

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