Putorius putorius (Mustelidae) - Nahrungserwerb, Freßverhalten großer Jungtiere

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Putorius putorius (Mustelidae) - Nahrungserwerb, Freßverhalten großer Jungtiere
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Putorius putorius (Mustelidae) - Acquisition of Food, Eating Behaviour of Large Young
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E 2231
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 55 m ; F, 5 min

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Europäischer Waldiltis. Ein Muttertier jagt und erbeutet eine Ratte. Eine Kreuzotter kann erst nach heftigem Kampf überwältigt werden. Die Beutetiere werden jeweils zu den Jungtieren gebracht und von diesen und der Mutter gemeinsam gefressen. Jungtiere erbeuten selbständig einen Frosch und streiten sich um ihn. Einen Igel können die jungen Iltisse nicht überwältigen.
The film shows a polecat chasing a rat and carrying the rat in its mouth into a cavern to its young. Roaming about the forest the polecat catches catches sight of a common viper (vipera berus), approaches the viper carefully, flings back several times and withdraws from the place. The violent struggle between polecat and viper is demonstrated in details in the film. Finally the polecat succeeds in killing the viper and the prey is carried to the young polecats. Instantly two of them snatch at the viper and drag it to and fro until their mother starts to devour the head of the viper. Two young polecats are strolling about the forest and capture a frog. Three young polecats attack a hedgehog which is rolled up on the ground. Again and again they push their muzzles under the spiny ball but they do not succeed in turning the hedgehog round.
Keywords Iltis Waldiltis Europäischer Iltis Mustela putorius Putorius putorius Nahrungserwerb / Carnivora Nahrungsaufnahme / Carnivora ingestion / Carnivora acquisition of food / Carnivora Putorius putorius Mustela putorius European polecat polecat

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