Elaphe longissima (Colubridae) - Beuteerwerb und Schlingakt

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Elaphe longissima (Colubridae) - Beuteerwerb und Schlingakt
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Elaphe longissima (Colubridae) - Preying and Swallowing
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E 1630
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 84 m ; SW, 8 min

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Die Äskulapnatter stößt mit dem zunächst S-förmig nach hinten gebogenen Vorderkörper in Richtung auf eine Maus, erfaßt sie mit den Zähnen, umwindet sie mit Körperschlingen und verschlingt sie mit hakenden Bewegungen der Kieferhälften.
In normal speed shots the film shows the catching of mice by an adult Aesculapian Snake adder and the booty being brought into the digestive tract. The hungry snake strikes in the direction of the mouse with the front part of its body bent back in a S-shape as soon as the mouse is within reach of the mouth. It coils around the booty caught with its teeth. The snake tightens these coils so much that the mouse dies after a short time. Then, after orienting movements and tongue darting, the snake starts to swallow the booty, usually from the head end, with hooking movements of both jaws.
Keywords Natter / Äskulapnatter Äskulapnatter Zamenis longissimus Elaphe longissima Nahrungsaufnahme / Reptilia Beuteerwerb / Reptilia prey capture / Reptilia ingestion / Reptilia Elaphe longissima Zamenis longissimus Aesculapian snake

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