Mitteleuropa, Schleswig - Verladen von Baumstämmen mit der "Wippkiste" (Hebelade)

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Mitteleuropa, Schleswig - Verladen von Baumstämmen mit der "Wippkiste" (Hebelade)
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Central Europe, Schleswig - Loading Logs by Means of a "Wippkiste" (Timber Lifting Jack)
Lühning, Arnold
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E 2081
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 104 m ; SW, 9 1/2 min

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Mit Hilfe der Hebelade werden drei lange Baumstämme zuerst am Wurzelende angehoben, so daß der Vorderwagen eines Ackerwagens untergeschoben werden kann, dann am Zopfende zum Unterschieben des Hinterwagens. Um Stämme, Vorder- und Hinterwagen fest miteinander zu verbinden, werden drei Eisenketten darumgeschlungen.
Three straight logs are lifted at their bottom ends by means of the timber lifting jack. When they are high enough, the force-carriage of a farm wagon is pushed underneath and the load is lowered on to the pillow of the carriage. Then the top ends of the logs are lifted in the same way, the rear-carriage is pushed under the load and the timber lifting jack is moved away. In order to secure the logs safely to the wagon during transport three iron chains are fastened around the load.
Keywords Zugtier Wippkiste Verladen von Baumstämmen Transport Holztransport Hebelade Forstwirtschaft, Waldwirtschaft Fahrzeuge Bauwagen Ackerbau / Ackerwagen "Wippkiste" agriculture / farm cart draught animal forestry, silviculture loading logs logging timber lifting jack transport vehicles


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