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Corallomyxa mutabilis (Amoebina) - Formwechsel des Plasmodiums


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Formal Metadata

Title Corallomyxa mutabilis (Amoebina) - Formwechsel des Plasmodiums
Alternative Title Corallomyxa mutabilis (Amoebina) - Change of Form in Plasmodium
Author Grell, Karl Gottlieb
License CC Attribution - NonCommercial - NoDerivatives 3.0 Germany:
You are free to use, copy, distribute and transmit the work or content in unchanged form for any legal and non-commercial purpose as long as the work is attributed to the author in the manner specified by the author or licensor.
DOI 10.3203/IWF/E-1173
IWF Signature E 1173
Publisher IWF (Göttingen)
Release Date 1967
Language Silent film
Producer Institut für den Wissenschaftlichen Film (IWF)
Production Year 1966

Technical Metadata

IWF Technical Data Film, 16 mm, 43 m ; SW, 4 min

Content Metadata

Subject Area Life Sciences
Abstract Vielkernige Amöbe. Bildung von Pseudopodien eines jungen Plasmodiums. Verschmelzung zweier Plasmodien, Knospenbildung eines großen Netzplasmodiums, im Wasser schwebende "Strahlenkugel". Mit Zeitraffung.
Corallomyxa mutabilis is multinuclear and forms large plasmodia which grow indefinitely, with a compact but mostly net-shaped appearance. If plasmodia touch they can fuse. Reproduction is by budding. Branches rise vertically from the plasmodium and, after a certain time, detach themselves and float freely in the seawater.
Keywords Corallomyxa mutabilis
Corallomyxa mutabilis

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