Epiplatys dageti (Cyprinodontidae) - Embryonalentwicklung, Discoidale Furchung

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Video in TIB AV-Portal: Epiplatys dageti (Cyprinodontidae) - Embryonalentwicklung, Discoidale Furchung

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Epiplatys dageti (Cyprinodontidae) - Embryonalentwicklung, Discoidale Furchung
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Epiplatys dageti (Cyprinodontidae) - Embryonic Development, Discoidal Segmentation
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E 2147
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 98 m ; SW, 9 min

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Querbandhechtling. Discoidale Furchung. Umlagerung des Zytoplasmas, Bildung des Synkarions, synchrone Teilung der Blastomeren. Ausbreitung der Zellen über die Eioberfläche. Entstehung und Verteilung der Dotterkerne. Mit Zeitraffung.
The progress of discoidal segmentation in a boned fish is shown in a survey. Closer observation illustrates the following processes: 1. displacement of the cytoplasm, 2. formation of the syncarion, 3. synchronous separation of the blastomeres, 4. emergence and separation of the yolk nuclei, 5. propagation of the cells over the surface of the ovum.
Keywords =d Knochenfisch Querbandhechtling Karpfen / Zahnkarpfen Killifisch Eierlegender Zahnkarpfen Zahnkarpfen, eierlegender Epiplatys dageti Embryonalentwicklung / Pisces Furchung / Pisces cleavage / Pisces embryonic development / Pisces Epiplatys dageti bony fish pupfish killifish Encyclopaedia Cinematographica