Planvolles Handeln bei einem Orang-Utan - Puzzle- und Labyrinthversuche

Video in TIB AV-Portal: Planvolles Handeln bei einem Orang-Utan - Puzzle- und Labyrinthversuche

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Planvolles Handeln bei einem Orang-Utan - Puzzle- und Labyrinthversuche
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Behaviour in an Orang-utan - Puzzle- and Maze-Tests
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D 1537
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Bruno Dittrich
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Film, 16 mm, LT, 78 m ; F, 7 1/2 min

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Der Orang-Utan Buschi legt in Puzzletests ein quadratisches Feld mit Holzplatten unterschiedlicher Zahl und Größe aus. In Labyrinthversuchen zieht er eine Metallscheibe mit einem Magneten zum Ausgang. Falsche Entscheidungen zu Beginn lassen sich nicht korrigieren. Futterbelohnung bei Lösung der Aufgaben. Planungsphasen vor Handlungsbeginn lassen auf einsichtiges Handeln schließen.
Buschi, a male orang-utan, places square wooden shapes of different sizes and numbers in a quadratic area during puzzle tests with food rewards. As well as trial and error behaviour, the animal also displays planned effective behaviour. In tests with a labyrinth which can be completely surveyed and which has frequently altered passageways, the orang-utan pushes a magnet along a pane of glass which covers the labyrinth. In this way it can draw a metal sheet underneath the pane of glass through the passages to an exit at the edge of the labyrinth and it receives food for the sheet. A decision has to be made at the beginning of each experiment between two passagesways systems; wrong decisions cannot be corrected. The orang-utan orients itselfs in a planning phaes with unmistakable glances over the course of the labyrinth before making its decision.
Keywords Orang-Utan Pongo pygmaeus Lernen / Labyrinth Wahlversuche experimentelle Verhaltensforschung / Primates Einsichtiges Handeln Lernen / Primates learning / primates learning / labyrinth experimental behaviour research / Primates Pongo pygmaeus Orang-utan