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Verhaltensweisen beim Dülmener Primitivpferd (Equus caballus) - Hautpflege, Fortpflanzung, Erkunden und Meiden, Mimik und Ausdrucksbewegungen


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Formal Metadata

Title Verhaltensweisen beim Dülmener Primitivpferd (Equus caballus) - Hautpflege, Fortpflanzung, Erkunden und Meiden, Mimik und Ausdrucksbewegungen
Alternative Title Ethogram of the Dülmener Horse (Equus caballus) - Grooming, Mating, Exploratory Behaviour, Avoiding, Facial Expression, Expressive Movements
Author Zeeb, Klaus
License No Open Access License:
German copyright law applies. This film may be used for your own use but it may not be distributed via the internet or passed on to external parties.
DOI 10.3203/IWF/C-986
IWF Signature C 986
Publisher IWF (Göttingen)
Release Date 1969
Language German
Producer IWF
Production Year 1962

Technical Metadata

IWF Technical Data Film, 16 mm, LT, 115 m ; SW, 10 1/2 min

Content Metadata

Subject Area Life Sciences
Abstract Scheuern an einem Pfahl, Beknabbern mit den Zähnen, Wälzen auf dem Boden, Tiere in der Schwemme, gegenseitiges Beknabbern. Umkreisen der Herde durch den Hengst zum Zusammenhalten, Markieren von Kot- und Harnstellen der Stuten; Kontakt zur Stute in Vorrosse, Paarung in der Hochrosse. Ausweichabstand, Fliehen der Herde. Gähnen, Flehmen, Putz- und Rossigkeitsgesicht, Drohen, Nickdrohen, Unterlegenheitsgebärde.
Skin hygiene: a mare rubs herself on a post; a foal nibbles itself with its teeth; a stallion rolls around on the ground. Several wild horses are congregated at a watering-place. The social skin hygiene of the horses involves mutual nibbling. Mating. Ascertainment and shunning: In 1962, the evasion distance kept between the Dülmen wild horse and a human being was about 3 metres, observed both by individual animals and family groups. On the other hand, the whole herd will flee before a human being on all fours. Mimic and expressive movement: examples of nonconformative expressive behaviour are shown in yawning, sulking, drolly and sensual facial expressions.
Keywords Dülmener Wildpferd
Pferd / Dülmener Primitivpferd
Equus caballus
Ausdrucksbewegungen / Perissodactyla
Herde / Perissodactyla
Markieren / Perissodactyla
Paarung / Perissodactyla
Körperpflege / Mammalia
Balz / Mammalia
courtship / Mammalia
skin hygiene / Mammalia
flehmen response
mating / Perissodactyla
social grooming / Perissodactyla
herd / Perissodactyla
marking / Perissodactyla
expressive movements / Perissodactyla
Equus caballus
Dulmen Pony

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