Certhia familiaris (Certhiidae) - Aufzucht der Jungen im Nest

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Certhia familiaris (Certhiidae) - Aufzucht der Jungen im Nest
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Certhia familiaris (Certhiidae) - Rearing the Young in the Nest
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E 1052
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Silent film
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Film, 16 mm, 78 m ; SW, 7 1/2 min

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Waldbaumläufer. Weibchen beim Brüten und Hudern, Hinaustragen von Schalenresten, Futterabgabe vom Männchen zum Weibchen, Füttern der sperrenden Jungen, Beseitigen des Kots der Jungtiere, Entfernen sperrigen Nistmaterials; Kratzen, Putzen und Strecken der Jungvögel.
The male shows the nesting hollow. The female carries outside the egg shell from which the newborn have just hatched. The male feeds the female. The two parents feed the young. For the first few days after hatching, the parents swallows the droppings of their young, later they carry them outside. Only the female broods and puffs herself out. Cumbersome nest material is carried out. The young often sit outside the nest on the wall of the hollow for the last few days of their nesting time. The young scratch, clean and stretch themselves often.
Keywords Waldbaumläufer Baumläufer / Waldbaumläufer Nistmaterial Körperpflege / Aves Jugendentwicklung / Passeriformes Hudern Füttern / Aves Certhia familiaris Brutpflege / Passeriformes Certhia familiaris brood care / Passeriformes common treecreeper development of the young / Passeriformes feeding / Aves grooming / Aves nesting material personal care / Aves taking chicks under its wings tree creeper