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Evaluating Modular Dialogue System for Form Filling Using Large Language Models

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Evaluating Modular Dialogue System for Form Filling Using Large Language Models
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Release Date2024
Production Year2024

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This paper introduces a novel approach to form-filling and dialogue system evaluation by leveraging Large Language Models (LLMs). The proposed method establishes a setup wherein multiple modules collaborate on addressing the form-filling task. The dialogue system is constructed on top of LLMs, focusing on defining specific roles for individual modules. We show that using multiple independent sub-modules working cooperatively on this task can improve performance and handle the typical constraints of using LLMs, such as context limitations. The study involves testing the modular setup on four selected forms of varying topics and lengths, employing commercial and open-access LLMs. The experimental results demonstrate that the modular setup consistently outperforms the baseline, showcasing the effectiveness of this approach. Furthermore, our findings reveal that open-access models perform comparably to commercial models for the specified task.