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Understanding Maintenance as a Turing Way

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Understanding Maintenance as a Turing Way
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The Turing Way - an open guidebook for data science and research - emerged in response to the crisis of reproducibility in science, amidst a growing movement for new ways of managing research data: through initiatives such as the FAIR principles and various open source software projects. As the movement has matured, it has also entered a new phase that has asked different questions about its sustainability, governance, funding, and diversity. As these questions have evolved, so has the wider landscape of technology more broadly, pushing back against the ethos of ‘moving fast and breaking things’ as questions of maintenance come to the forefront. This talk discusses open source maintenance in the context of The Turing Way, within computational communities and open science more broadly: extending into the culture of research itself. It discusses the tensions between developing new ideas to change research culture and the cultivation of maintenance as an ethos for developing, contributing to, and participating in an open source community like The Turing Way.