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Cross Data Center Replication in Solr - A new approach

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Cross Data Center Replication in Solr - A new approach
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Apache Solr is a critical piece of infrastructure for most companies dealing with data. The systems that Solr powers are critical, requiring high availability, low latency, and disaster recovery. This talk introduces a new approach to cross data-center replication in Solr that allows for the feature to scale and ensure disaster readiness as well as lower latency at a scale that Solr is expected to support. The audience will be provided a design overview including the challenges and approaches we tried. We will also introduce the current capabilities and our plan for this newly added Solr XDC module. At the end of this talk, attendees would have a better understanding of how and when to use the new module to ensure disaster readiness for the Solr cluster as we’ll as the avenues for them to participate in enhancing the solution.