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Towards a decentralized and collaborative search engine

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Towards a decentralized and collaborative search engine
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There are many alternatives to traditional search engines, culminating in the recent breakthrough of ChatGPT. Furthermore, the trend is to move towards decentralized, peer-to-peer and community-driven architectures, as the recent movement towards Mastodon implementations testifies. We wanted to bring these concepts from GitHub, Wikipedia and Mastodon to search engines and build the all.site platform - the collaborative search engine. We will show how developer communities can help organize information and build a new relevance model. We will share with you the experience of this adventure: what we tried, what we learned, the limits encountered and the challenges to come. We will present the internal functioning of a search engine with its different modules, the architecture and the infrastructure, the notions of security and ethics, ending with the economic model and the prototypes currently in place.