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vis.gl, the powerful framework suite behind deck.gl and kepler.gl

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vis.gl, the powerful framework suite behind deck.gl and kepler.gl
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vis.gl is a suite of composable, interoperable open source geospatial visualization frameworks (GPU powered) centered around deck.gl. During the last 4 years vis.gl has played an essential role in the development of geospatial applications during the last 4 years. With close to 100K daily downloads from npm, it’s widely used today in many areas and industries: from academics teams, to enterprise companies like Uber, Foursquare, CARTO, Google or Amazon. The open governance of vis.gl has guaranteed the evolution and maintenance of the framework, the project joined the OpenJS foundation in 2022 with the main goal of re-enforcing the open evolution of the project. This talk will do a quick and high level introduction of the most important frameworks that belong to this suite (deck.gl, kepler.gl, loaders.gl, etc.), and an update of the most important features and milestones achieved in the last year, and we’ll share the strategy and direction for the next year.