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Traffic Analysis with QGIS and GTFS: GTFS-GO

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Traffic Analysis with QGIS and GTFS: GTFS-GO
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FOSS4G 2023 Prizren GTFS is stands for General Transit Feed Specification, which is developed by Google and used for describing schedules of public transpotation. A bunch of dataset is distributed in the world and GTFS includes geospatial information - stops and routes. To utilize such intresting data, we have developed GTFS-GO - QGIS plugin to process GTFS. You can translate GTFS to GIS data and visualize them by GTFS-GO. The plugin can be used for analyzing public transportaion by aggregating traffic frequencies on each stop or route. In this talk, you can see how GTFS is visualized or analyzed by using GTFS-GO on QGIS.