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State of GeoNetwork

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State of GeoNetwork
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Release Date2023

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FOSS4G 2023 Prizren The GeoNetwork-opensource project is a catalog application facilitating the discovery of resources within any local, regional, national or global "Spatial Data Infrastructure" (SDI). GeoNetwork is an established technology - recognized as an OSGeo Project and a member of the foss4g community for over a decade. The GeoNetwork team would love to share what we have been up to in 2023! The GeoNetwork team is excited to talk about the different projects that have contributed with the new features added to the software during the last twelve months. Our rich ecosystem of schema plugins continues to improve; with national teams pouring fixes, improvements and new features into the core application. They will also talk about the UI revamp through the geonetwork-ui framework, and the new perspectives it could bring to your catalogs. Progress of our main branches (4.2.x), and release schedule.