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pycsw project status 2023

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pycsw project status 2023
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pycsw is an OGC CSW server implementation written in Python and is an official OSGeo Project. pycsw implements clause 10 HTTP protocol binding - Catalogue Services for the Web, CSW of the OpenGIS Catalogue Service Implementation Specification, version 3.0.0 and 2.0.2. pycsw allows for the publishing and discovery of geospatial metadata, providing a standards-based metadata and catalogue component of spatial data infrastructures. The project is certified OGC Compliant, and is an OGC Reference Implementation. The project currently powers numerous high profile catalogues such as IOOS, NGDS, NOAA, US Department of State, US Department of Interior, geodata.gov.gr, Met Norway and WMO WOUDC. This session starts with a status report of the project, followed by an open question answer session to give a chance to users to interact with members of the pycsw project team. This session will cover how the project PSC operates, the current project roadmap, and recent enhancements focused on ESA's EOEPCA, Open Science Data Catalogue and OGC API - Records.