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OSGeo and OGC MoU: one year later!

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OSGeo and OGC MoU: one year later!
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In January 2022, OSGeo and OGC signed a new and updated version of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) that aims to maximize the achievement of the mission and goals of the two organizations: promoting the use of Open Standards and Open source software within the geospatial developer community. Identifying open source technologies that could be used as Reference Implementations for OGC Standards and validating OGC compliance tests are examples of activities that can take place within the scope of the agreement. More than one year after the agreement was signed and almost one year after it was introduced to the OSGeo community in a keynote at FOSS4G 2022, this presentation will summarize all activities accomplished and future plans, including the establishment of the OSGeo Standards Committee within OSGeo and the organisation of the 3rd joint code sprint, in Switzerland, together with the Apache Software Foundation. The presentation will also reiterate the benefits of the new agreement, which allows OSGeo charter members to represent the priorities of OSGeo in the development of OGC Standards and supporting documents and services.