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OpenMapTiles - vector tiles from OpenStreetMap & Natural Earth Data

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OpenMapTiles - vector tiles from OpenStreetMap & Natural Earth Data
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Release Date2023

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FOSS4G 2023 Prizren OpenMapTiles is an open-source set of tools for processing OpenStreetMap data into zoomable and web-compatible vector tiles to use as high-detailed base maps. These vector tiles are ready to use in MapLibre, Mapbox GL, Leaflet, OpenLayers, and QGIS as well as in mobile applications. Dockerized OpenMapTiles tools and OpenMapTiles schema are being continuously upgraded by the community (simplification, performance, robustness). The presentation will demonstrate the latest changes in OpenMapTiles. The last release of OpenMapTiles greatly enhanced cartography and map styling possibilities, especially the enrichment of Points of Interest and improvement of land use or land cover layer. The new version of Natural Earth brought updated data to upper zoom levels and included a new OSM OpenMapTiles style, showing all features in well know colors for vector tiles. OpenMapTiles is also used for generating vector tiles from government open data secured by Swisstopo.