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Mobile mapping solutions for management of traffic signs in Open-Source GIS

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Mobile mapping solutions for management of traffic signs in Open-Source GIS
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Release Date2023

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Mobile mapping solutions for the update and management of traffic signs in a road cadastre free open-source GIS architecture This presentation discusses a case study on adopting a mobile mapping solution for documenting the state of traffic signs in the Province of Piacenza, Italy. It explores how free and open-source software, including PostgreSQL and QGIS, is used to create a digital cadastre with GIS and WebGIS functionalities. The aim is to replace the old paper-based documentation process with mobile applications like Qfield and ODK Collect, improving accuracy and efficiency in recording traffic sign data. The study involves understanding the needs of users and evaluating the compatibility, usability, and customizability of the chosen mobile mapping solutions. Field surveys with diverse users, ranging from non-technical individuals to GIS technicians, are conducted to test these applications. Data collected with both applications are then validated in the QGIS environment, comparing it with ground truth data collected through photos. This work not only presents a practical use case of mobile mapping in public administration but also highlights the potential of free and open-source tools like QGIS and ODK Collect in improving data accuracy and accessibility. It emphasizes transparency by documenting the entire workflow on a dedicated Github repository, making resources and codes openly available for others in the FOSS4G community.