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MobiDataLab - Building Bridges on the way for FAIR mobility data sharing

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MobiDataLab - Building Bridges on the way for FAIR mobility data sharing
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MobiDataLab, an EU-funded initiative launched in 2021, focuses on advancing mobility data sharing solutions. The project comprises four key pillars, including building an open knowledge base about mobility data and developing a set of "mobility data sharing enablers" through the Transport Cloud. In the second phase, these assets become accessible to the public, fostering collaborative exploration of data, services, and solutions within Virtual and Living Labs. These labs, adhering to the FAIR principles, offer environments for stakeholders to address mobility data challenges. Challenges are drawn from a wide range of use-cases and are central to the labs' activities, inviting participants to create solutions and explore new possibilities with shared mobility data and services. Feedback from partners, reference groups, and external stakeholders, including public and private mobility data providers, municipalities, government bodies, startups, and research and industry representatives, is instrumental in making challenges transparent and promoting data sharing. As the project progresses, it is set to present its achievements and outline future plans, with a commitment to bringing these valuable tools to the broader community.