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GEO-SPATIAL.ORG: a reference point for the Romanian geospatial community

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GEO-SPATIAL.ORG: a reference point for the Romanian geospatial community
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Making of a community - beyond the recipe
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Release Date2023

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"In our allocated 15 minutes, we would like to take you on a trip following the winding roads of building a community, the Romanian geospatial community: geo-spatial.org. We want to share our story, beyond our geodata and knowledge portal, to the very core of the values and principles that have guided us through difficult times and made our overcame challenges even brighter. In our more than a decade of existence, we’ve organised over 25 national FOSS workshop, a regional FOSS4G in 2013 and a global FOSS4G in 2019, we’ve initiated collaborative geo-related projects and managed to infuse the geospatial component in various non-spatial organisations, such as the ones in education or investigative journalism."