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How to join OSGeo (for projects)

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How to join OSGeo (for projects)
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Welcome to the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, proud hosts of FOSS4G, and advocate for free and open source geospatial software everywhere. This is a call out to open source software developers; please join OSGeo and help us help you! Join OSGeo today: - Even just listing your project on the osgeo.org website is a great first step. Help us promote your technology so users can discover and enjoy your software. - The OSGeo “community program” gives project teams a chance to join the foundation with an emphasis on supporting innovation and new projects. The foundation provides some direct support, assistance along with endorsement and recognition from our board. - For established projects please join our “incubation program” to be recognized for excellence and as a full OSGeo committee. Unlike other foundations OSGeo does not require that you give up or transfer any Intellectual Property; we simply ask that you be spatial, open-source, and open to participation. This presentation gives clear instructions on how to join OSGeo, and representatives from recent successful projects will be on hand to answer your questions.