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Google Earth Engine for Environmental & Climate Assessment: Kosovo Case

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Google Earth Engine for Environmental & Climate Assessment: Kosovo Case
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Release Date2023

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This talk discusses the utilization of available open resources by technically trained individuals to comprehend environmental changes and establish a framework for practical research on climate impacts. It highlights the lack of awareness and knowledge among many about these tools and their potential for sustainable development. The talk presents an environmental assessment of Kosovo, employing large open remote-sensing data from Google Earth Engine and publicly available models. This assessment covers various environmental aspects, including air pollution, groundwater monitoring, urban environments, and deforestation, offering insights into regional climate change impacts. The methods used here are interchangeable and replicable, providing a robust strategy for climate change analysis and sustainability decision-making. The study delves into the specifics of modeling big datasets within Google Earth Engine, focusing on data selection and analytical techniques. It emphasizes the potential of free-to-use frameworks in aiding developing countries to understand climate change impacts and build resilience. By leveraging open satellite data, the paper outlines a comprehensive approach for assessing human-environment interactions in developing nations affected by changing climates. These diverse models serve as a foundation for open big data initiatives, contributing to climate change resilience and enhancing the understanding of environmental data's practical applications.