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GeoMapFish Project Status

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GeoMapFish Project Status
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Release Date2023

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GeoMapFish is an open source WebGIS platform developed in close collaboration with a large user group. It targets a variety of uses in public administrations and private groups, including data publication, geomarketing and facility management. OpenLayers and an OGC architecture allow the use of different cartographic engines: MapServer, QGIS Server, GeoServer. Recently new features have been added such as vector tiles integration, from raw data to visualization. In order to get rid of the AngularJS dependency, a roadmap has been established for a migration to a web components architecture. K8S support is evolving with the implementation of the necessary tools for Azure environments. A highly integrated platform, a large number of features, fine grained security and a mature reporting engine are characteristics of the GeoMapFish solution. In this talk, the key usages, the state of the migration process to web components and latest functional developments, including backend - frontend decoupling allowing to plug in multiple front-end WebGIS clients will be presented.