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EOReader - Remote-sensing opensource python library for optical and SAR sensors

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EOReader - Remote-sensing opensource python library for optical and SAR sensors
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Release Date2023

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EOReader is a remote-sensing opensource python library reading optical and SAR sensors, loading and stacking bands, clouds, DEM and index in a sensor-agnostic way. The main goal of EOReader is to simplify the access to a numerous offer of remote sensing data, providing easy to understand and sensor-agnostic functions to read, load and stack multiple bands and indices (and even DEM or cloud bands). For example, one important feature of EOReader is the mapping of optical bands in order to access them sensor-agnostically (i.e. with RED band, you can access the band number 4 of Sentinel-2, 8 of SENTINEL-3 OLCI, 1 of Pleiades, see here for more information) The presenters wanted also to eliminate tricky steps such as orthorectification or geocoding for SAR and Sentinel-3 data. By automating it, it allows more users to develop applications with remote-sensing data. Last but not least, the presenters want to provide an opensource library using cutting-edge technology, this is why we are using xarrays and support dask.