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Easily publish your QGIS projects on the web with QWC2

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Easily publish your QGIS projects on the web with QWC2
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QWC2 (QGIS Web Client 2) is the official web application of QGIS, that allows you to publish your projects with the same rendering, thanks to QGIS Server. The environment is composed of a modern responsive front-end written in JavaScript on top of ReactJS and OpenLayers, and several server-side Python/Flask micro-services to enhance the basic functionalities of QWC2 and QGIS Server. QWC2 is modular and extensible, and provides both an off-the-shelf web application and a development framework: you can start simple and easy with the demo application, and then customize your application at will, based on your needs and development capabilities. This talk aims at introducing this application and to show how easy it is to publish your own QGIS projects on the web. An overview of the QWC2 architecture will also be given. It will also be an opportunity to discover the last new features that have been developed in the past year and ideas for future improvements.