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CesiumJS & OpenLayers for Rennes Métropole's Digital Twin

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CesiumJS & OpenLayers for Rennes Métropole's Digital Twin
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Release Date2023

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Rennes Métropole is leveraging digital technology and urban data to enhance decision-making and public policies. Their objectives include fostering cooperation among stakeholders, particularly citizens, and facilitating transparent, efficient, and cost-effective public services. They are developing a metropolitan cooperation platform, utilizing the VC Map Open-Source JavaScript framework for dynamic and interactive web mapping. This platform offers an engaging user experience, enabling exploration of development projects in 2D and 3D. Three specific use cases illustrate the platform's value to Rennes Métropole: - Solar Cadaster: This involves simulating the photovoltaic potential of rooftops, comparing it with residents' energy consumption, costs, and network capacity. - Linear Transport Systems: The platform supports mediation and consultation with citizens and communities regarding the implementation of linear transport infrastructure. - Exposure to Electromagnetic Waves: It visualizes exposure levels to electromagnetic waves, including simulations and real measurements, as well as the presence of radioelectric relays and sensors across the City of Rennes.