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Keynote - The Importance of Seeding - from 3 ECTS to Shaping a better world

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Keynote - The Importance of Seeding - from 3 ECTS to Shaping a better world
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In this keynote, you will explore the significance of seeding in the context of open-source software. Using QField as an example, you will explore the steps needed to turn a student's project into the leading fieldwork app that helps hundreds of thousands of people with their work and can help address many of the Sustainable Development Goals. The challenges faced during the initial stages of development and what steps played a crucial role in overcoming them will be discussed. The importance of community and industry involvement and how these helped QField reach global success and over 800K downloads is highlighted. Through this keynote, you will gain insights into the role of seeding and commitment in developing and growing open-source software, highlighting its impact on innovation, collaboration, and sustainability.