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"Map it! Cartographic interaction, user-map dialogue mediated by a computing device"

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"Map it! Cartographic interaction, user-map dialogue mediated by a computing device"
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These days we have an incredible amount of (open-source) geo-spatial data, remote sensing data and insights, plus the tools to share them with the world! But when building a web map application or dashboard we often end up with too cluttered visualizations, confusing jargon, scary technology or struggle in communicating with the geo-data illiterate. GIS technology can be hard to understand. How do we design and build a map application showing a huge amount of geo-data accompanied by the elaborate functionality to discover it? As GIS experts we think from a technological perspective, adding more and more buttons, layers, panels, pop-ups, legends, draw tools, scale-bars. But these GIS terms makes an application confusing, scary and technically hard to understand for the user.. On the other hand, UX and IX designers think about usability, smooth experiences and helping users to easily navigate, see, use and interpret an application. But they lack the understanding of specific map related design requirements and map related interactivity. Here, the map is taken for granted and is often not well designed.. In this talk will be given some clear useful examples of what is Interactive Cartography and what can we learn from it?