Adam Farquhar, President of DataCite, British Library, DataCite summer meeting 2012

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Adam Farquhar, President of DataCite, British Library, DataCite summer meeting 2012
Closing remark from Adam Farquhar president of DataCite at the DataCite
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as to try to make some losing a works end there's like 3 approaches to do not right do the day before because you actually got time to reflect but it's not with any information about what people talk about the notion of the day after which would be quite easy but no one's going to stay around for that any other predicate up homiletical Warsaw do without sourcing Gilbert about today ago to the 1st part for me today I wonder what this is Berkeley destroyed Workshop was restored decides reading there and I think we are continuing to get some amazing Colby of speakers are were seeing not Josh Lewsey topics being brought up our but sometimes seemed topics now being addressed in new ways with some real progress being made in sometimes quite topics of want saw from 2 steps back stroppy today use of which we are I think Scott had always slotted Westwood should eurocheques during this doing this to me is not doing this model Parliament and 3 years ago rejects are now were to cheque something also and sometimes my God there's this whole thing to say things to do but actually on those should be on covered we were made from what follows 3 or 4 years ago but we had to knock or for Singapore and you can start to think about the what so I think it's quite open by a set of of proper being there are likely to really think about Park keynote speaker morning drunkenness I don't remember Broderick so you that was I think agree reminder Road Frost of the context in which we're working we think about the impact sometimes by where we are metrics actually there's a big world out there are being which were playing interesting role but that would be metrics was thing about data he camping and perhaps super important quite without your point and site following datasets you re it can you can 9 . power so we is really super will also highlighted the from me he also provided by because was New tools for thinking about what of framework for think about the impact which is something that I think I decided not quite muscle personally on all take away into several think about quite appreciated being such said he thought he on brought there are go back that 1st procession 1 we seem quite a number presentations should reflect on all couple from on the 1st day procession so the us really true and beyond to a set of work by divorced in the mean streets of data Guida publication that I was fully aware of sought really appreciate how having gone out and bought talk regulators despite 1 57 EP papers GDP per stupid publications will be hearing on key Jules in the dust of by the end of your views on really excited for us Salinas hearing about the founding of some of data publications individuals on this
year were hearing about what pipeline of thousands and thousands of all calls to be published in the suburbs of she lovely but for which there and I think I had some really strong provocative for that I agreed ETSI each impact metrics is what it is that we can take on board and through to give our great of all these years he does but how we India is helping are more short 3 use more data more Fritz slogan really lowered and Parliament Illinois I'm glad he decided to help in the water that happened with of India's and WER upcoming example about how do you decide our social services can be used to support the deal related will also for the delicious colleagues activities really cool kiss me to give the final presentation of session parliament and for me there is 1 ground please stands a that was all 1 should knowingly % of all 1st want to put bigger on Ian know in institutional order appropriate work Court of all can % of the new parliament and that's huge challenge to publishers to research ponderous 2 institutions to are
how we for that 1 of the will take all the time I decide has always been to see their about types are really of fundamental gap infrastructure 2 days a week in which to a Christian chopsticks product today and also use the during whole which also worthy energy for Circle was goaled for 4 and 6 we're for particularly for such a
great 2nd session match abroad or Guida really clear account of why we need to decide leader of the day was a whole lot expirations should put together with by Michael Wilson's for fallen that should in different disciplines difference water institutions are different considerations the common squared struck me as well enough for also surprise think many of us with this observation that 15 % of scheme which were datasets seropositivity UK 80 . quite change in the 1st year how many of tend to think that started fixtures Sidonnie except our but even for a kind varies for which are did work are likely to part it so that we still have to do without on change on any should not agree account of the world close that you have to put in place and how you deal with putting your of India wise until workflow for citation on some really good practices there are about me but I have a copy of the report not did he died citation what you need to know by really likes people haven't had a chance to
read it it's might short and it seems to be a pretty good points to saw thanks to work out what why Court that session he was kind precautionary TO on sharing metadata are even more close sharing your data and the need that was picked up last session of Parliament workers to there was rebuffed and use of the real world wide support in the car for the sort of things you have to worry about the to the conspiracy feeding the conspiracy theorists are in some demeaned is actually quite a things to worry about 1 another source of 1 and sometimes we think your easy I will be in Solomon Baumann so that can be quite a challenge to do so called water register for ask for Sony now sessions of 3 I can't see people said that the inclusion of data on comes and society should in Champions by a framework fantastic so exciting of incredible stop calling on the children there is a certain course separate session that some of some problems are technical was kind these was on and as we saw in the social warns the reputation which issues become even more problematic some we couldn't adsorbers pushed because you have to give people things that will before they really come to the fore but world will be watching for growth in the coming years set things up for putting that a lot session together in the final
session Brubaker together we have stopped fantastic really Falstaff by wealthy he this storey is that you are able today are you know which you intend held here that's great can call action you had 80 and I can't really compelling and I hope that I decided to help to restore some of the problems and he can't acknowledges situation for its 1st World actually quite clear that little bit extra to draw a line about a week or do not want since 7 years or you can get the data from the mid Seventies ongoing 2 days and that's a big deal and sometimes we don't come hideaway about how we important is that the restitutions White while all or you can be sure of what others that have been . providing access in enabling use of the data for decades in decades on occasion meet this is something that you were saying or Decatur fields just to this problem today are actually how many institutions organisation doing it dealing with 4 decades and it's nice to see that did side today has a role to play in this report skill which were infrastructures I agree with on Kevin's underlining of feed the compelling work there that will give people showing the use of sort is of course of course he meant it is very interested the last for session boys about it is that the that this proliferation of standards is kind of an interesting Jones force this work you like a choice or for you have to recapture Reno and then simplify your commodities such a whether we can do so successfully sued that's that's fine if are willing or North of what we're talking about how I think I choose a tremendous amount of proper smallest your part and is really to meet 2 of to see how people are saying it is charged thinks so so thanks to Johnson for every year of this morning thanks all presenters on a really good by calling for which is why he will be delighted to those who work your today to be able to see the Park in the coming weeks thanks to session share resource for me because of a worker finding the speakers in the recession as well the court heard way that he was restraint on so that was the and John Gielgud Road and thanks to very much to or programme shares are supposed to have fallen from grace library of long cross from the side which had been samples from me to you and or last week most important thing about this was of great value you guys to do a fantastic job and I quite really like to be part of also so or but also due to was standing City over there she left the room she comeback or those at the year end to can reduce for rear so so I just think you so fantastic job so beautiful still I have been in your report on what we conference room deserves a hearing your for around the world forces were thanks to everybody here for becoming today Parliament for participating actively it you at work he said said yes I just around above all to use for a quality Road about the rest City the great organisation would boss thanks for it and I hope I can see how many of you at the end of be destroyed so as well in the car to somebody you want to see about what next