Jean-François Perrin, Institute Laue Langevin at DataCite summer meeting 2012

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Jean-François Perrin, Institute Laue Langevin at DataCite summer meeting 2012
DOI usage : a large neutron facility
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Good EATING buddy so I will introduce the as an example of an eye large score views of the city In Europe so did a laser is a science has a key most moved from facility Iowa good We proposed to build or uses 38 different instruments resubmit later we received 2 falls scientist Rios rigor 500 staff and were are located in Grenoble France and Japan campus in campuses that and just close to it is the Iast which is a light source and expressed so again it was founded 71 by France Germany and the United Kingdom and since then are given joined in the latest 1 was a India during the slide last jump for the typical cases of science do
It's mostly physics and Mattel Europe's but The Samuels of common my biology taking more and more important for the right engineering in quite but what is important is that it's very different and scientific community of only 1 where mainly with different cultures and different rules make it make it is important when we talk about that send practice disappoint walks Both sold as he walks around the facility provides the DBM milk is its funding instruments we create designed to create instruments now specific for either somebody environment for the cry by the magnets and things might support that I can think of slammed down because in charge of the case would be an end to this spot forward father wrote
More of what is provided by
The use of force is the idea saying idea and most important and the sun some but as OR most of the time proposed by the users So late in the war proved we start by this initial proposal In the case of Flight twice a year there is a role for proposals and the Scientists amid the idea that they have a review by an external committee of expose and Morris and their ranking from Morris 50 per cent get exited meantime looms the right front trade Bender good experiment without Is that archive Indiana and this could be done a DLL body only Institute and then the reputation and some so the to want to refine and a comeback But what you see there The final Box for the to is more 25 per cent of the submitted proposal and what we want to do now is to see the link between the 2 medication and eat that The role that the thing that could be interesting so it's Steve that tie which have been analyzed theater but it's nice us that's why wanted without the director of the management Comments by opened up the thing between Eds The corroboration that Walker a version with the use of comparable would the quite of science which is refreshing is transparent quickly should be a bit tired and to be perfectly honest of soda protein matrix light the users like most of the institute's we aren't reviewed and the good budget and
1 of the key it in months for the route review is the W matrix for viewers Users and then it here it's very difficult for us to know much of the debt has been reached so we really need to have ranged between the education and your cat So idea can we stole the better the ruled that that since the beginning and immediately After the experimental it is available online tributary available and the question was it is it really value aboard replied is yes for the spare to the person with the experiment but not for deals as the dealers because there is a lack of me that I couldn't We use the bad guy in the current situation and that's the beginning of the project so if we want to improve increase the value of the debt that would clearly have to live with the roar that at 5 or the the necessary that true to make it possible to reuse of that by centers which were not part of the initial
So for us and this is a project on-going which right to correct automatically border use for our metals and incident where to link it to the proposal system because in the top of the system you have also some information which might be interested by using delayed The detonator runs and where to define at what recorder at the thief we do that and if we continue the way we are doing it making it available right after the experiment will we have a problem the big foreign will use us because it means that was a team could make the permutation right vacation before then so we have to think about that policy that would protect or use this is something a bit different from what they say yeah we we're down a bit more restrictive because we want to go to a that and for going to war
And We need to protect your use of and use us Part of the China then will disarm rotunda nothing or other things we need to think about them Then I once knew that about 4 per to rated should going to a federated detected an ogre week quarter that I will talk about that later And then we want to link back catalog of equivocation would your It was a lot of less importance for date is de-Stalinization before the fight format but did not score parameter alone
There is those of festivities which are doing is the same in Europe was a ban on national orders a bit more but they exist and the produced that so In the president said which we started the collaboration with full of them and the big game used to provide a Federated that they 1st shot on the turn and synchrotron sources explain why later The other then we will get the chance to be proposal accepted and said it was a small 1 may need prepare the B 1 Serpentine typhosa Milliman & what's also success Ford which is good and that would be a bond that I would be game of fund that I would used to implement the Federated infrastructure So in the department there is rises from the beginning their money will fly an And Sarette and augurs joint then why In the trial and each way facilities just because we have more as the same user community is a step short of 4 use of community in the last year where you can see that Princeton Claudia There were no 1 further for users we also uses of different sources different NYTimes Was sources And the More of the same figure applies for the peaks right it means that the Committee of 4 users are not only using the but or sought doing sometime the Samuels the same year a different sources because they want a different instrument to alter different science for the same sound This was done and just by bashing the e-mail address for users and comparing and comparing them solely for talker but and that a pass Currently in order to establish a Federated and property treated the end catalog will go with that I won't talk too much that something very classic or a removed the and I would like Twilight some parts of the job that has been done and this is the 1st of 4 of the project so that that would see it's clear that we needed that that would an end and that inside and that that we propose a frame more awkward that where his seat for the neutron and that synchrotron sources so what do we say we said that we act as custodian of the had ordered the rule that every proposal should be quickly career make that I that should be kept kept to a jet That automatically a to avoid for users to 20 them and also sort something which is quite strong And then there's going to be equal access to the Norwood at to make that that Is restricted to these prompted the toe the experimental auditing for A maximum of 3 years it seems they don't but when you have to discuss that sort of subject with your users would say that it's devil a different view Then bubble could be expanded and can win system the citation I assure you that from those of you after side and stagnant property in winter On the fact that we would apply unique Ontario Tabitha So that was just a proposal for and thinks the obligation of the proposal Pfizer's the UK sources at up-to-date more or less Like does but modified and NDA exit added only last year in December resonated with some modifications due to do this to show which they faced with the internal scientist and the use of and them Joerg Butt Really you have to to where that it was very difficult the different communities and really different views on the subject and inside the we need or use us and whether feel that if we if we do such a thing free really is a open needed that I will use some science summit users Because not on the sources of adopted such that they receive a weighty we had it we had to go for a discussion with the standards and now I see it as a 1st step because for the year ladies for years Press it could be true for 5 years before using the debt What is important is that which success for us because this is really the 1st step and which gave us the authorization to go away
Some new conduit onto the publication Toronto Pretty Prairie presenter Federated access to the better we need for the festivities but beating nitweed notified uses the the same way and put so it won't put too much alike that this isn't fun for and we use issue but it won't put a year of publication of the uses the prototype is repression by kept Michael Booker but that this is a federated that the ghetto is sought
Each acidity read as is Or it's all in back at dialog dog and the mechanism which set is using 1 of the cabinet you can search that effort toward
The software an issue perpetrated the trade show that Man you need To properly managed to that but for the rule that But if you want to talk about analyze that that you need to know what was the software that waste used money-losing that at an or community which is very large endemic Courage them Differences Can we have some software which really waiting Maine very professional and some of those which has been the real sometime by only 1 person with all the conditions we Could questioning days at some time in use that version you don't you just don't know the new version the table that I was a bug you don't know which version you have used things and so we want true-false tell the use of and things like that Mentioning licenses of and the command patient sold for doing that We are using and we are creating a software catalog where we try to reference board software of the personal software use fun and easing of that time and trying to get to the user's clearly days of the traditional license twilight but this isn't a prototype DeSoto Parish
And the duo yes because we want we don't defied the bad stuff and quickly we went for the duo isolation and I sure I exists which is it advance his walking with the British Library and yet it is talking with Gene An ODA editor the bet that 40 C will apply terms because the relation between that to the Roland proposal wrong that ended in February so in sightread means that the current about that produced starting from October we beat should be notified they did you
0 Empress it is project is Chris Chris is a very large projects around it consent and the facilities which are on the
As free road map for won't talk too much about that the increased with good postal a walk package bidding with that a continuum and where we want lose focus to the link between the better
And the publication but interesting folk today is that join us so there is a each China sources CALL and the so we are going to a different community so what is the work the kitchen just stopped and Hernandez a joke denied that the different eyes and the review of contracts and didn't talk too much with the contract between don't Bogle earlier met some difficulties with the bat way of doing things and raising quickly to other that top posts but for the indicators of He sorry but for some it could be different And that costs sorry would talk about that The berries a task which You might be very interesting is through Corporate with the review shows windfalls the fact of the matter we can the citation is really that citation is very present in debate so I couldn't be ended or what I've tried to present their his that Both stressed that it is a walking in the direction of the band that are now walking in them off For improving the professionalism that getting process Cecil sought to do that Federation Texas and there a general movement which is great yet may need different organizations that they mentioned that the site open-air Israeli proposed lots of the last part of the show as a really been done riches Which radio us now for the future of her breeze is an unnecessary consented a bit ready which we are and what we have done so far is that If we don't show toward users that there is clear beneath it going to look at that time Wide and for that things it will be a shortstop and something we lead the country your users on rewarded and there's a lot of Matrix on the citation on the obligations citations and talk about effect makes whatever adored those matrix concert on hand concerns and the reputation and the Dutch and prolonged for the alleged that for water it is behind something that would be very very important is to get an API food Tracked the impact of the of the citation of that and watching is new to the presentation today I think it's a major concert from most of the users Something that should really be dead and John its job performed better sigh power and that as something that didn't Among time or to this is what we have here on the website of the DLL looked about went on to say that this will be done with the induced tested some deputies with wise and this is something which is in preparation that will be available for the use Thank you King