Susanna Sansone, University of Oxford, ISA at the DataCite summer meeting 2012

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Susanna Sansone, University of Oxford, ISA at the DataCite summer meeting 2012
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Thank you very much studio guys in 50 could to Leon for I came here for years and headliners when their bet my bias widow Sandell generally cities but there will be no future When we were led would kids we just December by because your kids will link hopefully told our you go past the new Berenson work and publication Great Britain yes I've just me my collection of the title because I want to hear
At Foothill Ranch Show It calls a toast yes It is exempt from the Your side so my background it's in biology imposed training He wanted group of biology computer code London and then actually I moved into or out of the lab scientist and will be data management so that's that done for the last 4 years I was working in European bioinformatics before European of these before then and talks for really really duration and hounding data helping data produce little store share it's what I've done for a for quite a long time before they apply
So I'm 1st of all I will the look of the data side but also the wards which saves helping noble data sides meant to do is find an accident read now my presentation it's about the war review because it's important to to find a pack of course make it available People too But then it's what we get when we get the data we need to be able to understand this type of what they means the script of the sentiments of many speakers before me have already on the topic of describing a statement step what is called a statement later because it and I use the word mentally We really mean different things here so the importance of reproducible research and Please Attended by a science still up baby Betty where all the reproduce worries me so that when an issuer them with the date sound there It Reproducible and his reusable by artists now this is a very good example of the paper with a group of scientists look at 18 articles on my could and trying to reproduce the result of those paper where where after describing it as a surprise is that Could recruiters only 2 of those polled for identical to find the for 10 of them there was no way they could get anything out And that is was because The description of a status that was incomplete but if we look The from his article you see that In all 15 more than 50 per cent of all of the data was all the because would not reproducible but if you look at the reasons why it was not Richard Hill reproducible after hours because they wasn't available right but also because either the software wasn't available all the bank of the description a was done on the date that was good news was clear and annually for some other reason could be that information was present they could not get the same result so this is a great many important example wild when you make the data available the description need to be reached You know that you can use the data because reviews they'd be able to introduce it use for other locals another example of its out right promising concert testing and are so on the researchers Du Pont something which amount to be wrong and people died Consequence of these now wet
Other colleagues looking to the reasons why the data was wrong it relies on me Here there was due to become management Colleen next accession will shift and at and the change and the meaning their changed completely and it was at that civil wars utilize that actually the close of the group who produces this make this mistake China also This like his declared that that's not Much of its key here And state which had Where can never be consequent slackened
Buckets of went back to the reviews all of my suggestion is not a data blocks and it is important to have access some but that's something to be described in order to reusable so that a final only to be called lead them so information to fractured enough less Francis playing structured now we need a structural description of a certain date Now I work in bioscience that were with but I don't that users using different technology different type of sample looking at different hypothesis here is As an example of this statement with leaders triggered by the compound and then measurement has done using different technologies the of data to what is important capture bold steps Of steady while I call experimental metadata will many people feel Spain and if so what sample comes from you what kind of Dole's was the compound they was even an excess of knowledgeable software it's important to capture descendant information so you can read due attention is betting that because you then can analyze the data that in the context of this of steps of course of difficulty yeah it's that you don't have to count just so much I'm not Really defends right enough information That's where it is very difficult to understand what enough information but assigned to be able to reproduce Just strife advanced between preacher description which is maybe with much for elected publications and not enough That cannot be reproduced it's it's where you know The gold These is an example of openness that Peter China we illustrate experimental design of 1 of its payment We've dealt with and utilize where you start having a lot Samples with lot Measurements and a lot of information where things just going to different domains it becomes really complexed understand what does that need to to be described so cost you it's important to engage with the domain experts told the researchers the 1 produced at a time Because they don't want down but also because the tend to be also I found themselves so did not want to be recorded in order to Last informational used information so the committee fully aware of the importance of reporting in detail what has been done and that is a growing movement were reproducible data and a variety of all Left for society working and in the last 4 years and involved in Seoul may recalled anymore but it it is important to have Old this domain X person is bottom bottom-up approach in defining what's important to be deported an expanding his crime but it also that is also a lot of problems there because they are just groups are divided in different area domain of scientists I'm focusing on the technology for example a around Markridge acknowledge each other groups error of folks around technology other groups like the biodiversity groups of by voters more like it It is larger A made so it's difficult to really on May the script to coordinate certain that activity because the description should be calm across the main so this is 3rd the difficult path so of general creating chief type The warm so reported found cold They're picking for which is out mission to be structure to be shared by between groups or between software defined enology what turns we need to use when we see something we describe element Despair and gondola meaning of What is the point formation need to to be reported When we discuss those reached a chilly and richest spending Just give a sense of numbers that are All 400 Bias on 300 injury that immunology wrong I'm not Need to seize that to a script description obvious from the machines and 150 of those guidelines abided by Guide and scored wore a clinical trial So stores which is covert more basic research as so many after himself there so I I compact and describe them but Curious about how we put together a website the which is good by shooting before Just Google as it is a European there and we we have all over A 400 stunned should because even finding that the home page eating that its 8th at such a difficult so owned is shedding merely state shedding Ponders's in bioscience down there and but we also worked with the uh Clay concentrated said Jordan dot the Jordan on because they collect Paper about databases and so we work with them because I was the paper is accepted we also captured the description of the database and track understand the database use any his community stuff because you don't know really what charges in all of what this captured in book form of use if they had endorsed by the committee would this mean it's because publisher I recommend think that it is found that out I bought sold information is connected Sell out about this Just By sensibly what will you go but Tobosa No 1 domain that Aziz a in this community norms and There is different way of defining King called to see toward the betterment means different things for different people to talk with that with somebody in the health medical aid that's a very different jogger from a group working in environmental field so that the is because we want connecting you human information with environmental information so that's where that's when actually going across the mainly Sunni importer but it's also a challenging that My initial points is it possible to achieve A common structure representational but is that burst by the time the statement that some other trust sending domains and outright full this community there so they can ever be to describe the statement which can be reviewed by somebody else when shares in size well course I cannot say will solve their because we know that we have worked there for a very long time we would allow number of collaborate with put together cold
The eyes so it's a technical system although 30 A public hearing to and public resources which are witty using his Pfizer which are displayed 1 life all ever seen late is made truck you frame work something which is dead the report person off code Describe any type of this statement Hughes community founder a provider set toll so that the Michigan to capture store locally that some these from Bobby repository at India's different sodas in the domain said those group work The working And I want particularly arson birth mentioned signed is this effort in France sends along with redefines the tool we do they use your wife 2 times the guys information which is within their repository We also work with that with the toward the ousted exports of particularly the by the by pass from Stacia we have but several stem-cell grouping in our that we have a repulsive PPI which is public water metabola lot metabolites which is Obama come along that we also worked with There a of groups say incompetent is sold his fear of Latin America Word the public a battered reason not to veto lot of things that are some all service providers themselves which serves The researchers waited quite large community so that we can do want to life
What I mean is Ivory investigation study it's a way to describe in this betterment which has a study which is a central union sample which has been observed treated many predicted and the sample part of sample its then of gold choice say so certain that the measurement and that is something that produced and thought so this this ventilators general enough that can be customized describing in career batting for an environmentalist Veneman depending on technology was weak converts to format which are used by pounded repository because Jordan all my bioscience endorsed by repository for data position so it's important that if you help You have to date and the date the source you also help us Researcher too easily Pipeline the data Databases and not having to reformat the data because it's a lot toward will we also working AIDS said it sold Lee data Though domains that we converted the guise former twice a year but this is honored to show without going to be needed just a disease did not tell me 1 of the tools the eyes tools This is like me and for which is its use for traditional war For created this The description of his spending and aunt announced that should be eased Wilbers not spreadsheet it's a job but because That Because scientists biologists like it felt that's what that will be used for much of that amount is an intelligent way to use an light still which it it's it can be customized astounded by the community to a set amount apology in except dropped but we also I have enough version that access the data side of maker store could afford both of which want me to be your wife registered predicted your right foot the set