Vishwas Chavan, GBIF at DataCite summer meeting 2012

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Vishwas Chavan, GBIF at DataCite summer meeting 2012
Towards next generation (data inclusive) publishing
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To divided with what we have been able to build in last is to put together The global infrastructure for change in sharing of biodiversity data Harvey have always 400 publishers did not 67 different countries of the world calm and together they publish 14 thousand does It's Federated Network every data sets it give left in their own farms and for Macs but then be used up Oddly died standards what because predominantly according changed standard for sharing I was sitting down and through Victor Through the gym if they Duckwater you get And access to over 327 million be direct callers about the existence of plant and animal rights from only 1800 did and that's all contributed by 14 thousand list said are coming from 400
Publishers obviously you will see the dark patches and not not than him is fear that with predominantly is being published so that I biases in the data That is a really but If 1 has to assess the state of By City based on these data that is accessible then beat up center of Mosul Woods by was city would be a lie sister square in land which is not a true picture But then that's exactly how science in Especially in the discipline that I So what are the lessons loan me Jimmy existence Rating dying making it accessible pumps up the technology and infrastructure it's not a bad pass so when I speak to my colleagues and I say we don't have enough sufficient technology we don't know about standards and we don't have enough infrastructures I would say that the next of technology and infrastructure is not a bad idea as such what's really challenge is to work on capacity but changing EPA's habit changing the the policies adopting the new environment bringing in social change and good really difficult due
From addressed to and very difficult because when you are used to doing the work that you are going for a big kids together and Central Board predation is very difficult to for foresee because new changes in the word of data published before legal and before I start
Talking about how life seemed to be major tradition publishing let's take a pause and look at that
Reigns in scientific publishing mostly publish through a scholarly publishing a journal such as nature of science It's kind of the Scientific journals we pay for Also to publish the institutions mostly through with literature such as a scientific report if Europe Really have innovation in Utica wrote off patent But a very small fraction of community is really engaging and taking advantage of a digital voice and thereby publishing these data are Included Digital and cyber what backs Hal by and large the dream in my discipline of the sciences and they believe that the English rule in any other disciplines of science and technology and social sciences as well why does then we prefer scholarly publishing over made published so why the impediments to date of publishing we lack of Call his comprehensive data published a framework that and the past everybody that cannot only address technical infrastructure challenges but also be gone and addressed to me John dissatisfaction dissociative cultural political challenges Polly civility challenges and policy related question and most ardently of framework that that can satisfy an individualist legal and institutional pride at died and what is that going right it's about Visibility with would be recognized if I choose to publish the data Will work writing a smaller correspondence in nature of science park India the Colony publication and that's the question that needs to be addressed so I'll be subset of that Publishing framework is lack of incentives do I have an incentive by Investing might died Monday in And valuable time that I have to do research work in assembling and publishing that it so we started investigating this question in 2000 and a half
They constituted task group cause jitters B . publishing framework group that was led by storm water D Dan library and had a medical Natural History Museum calm and a doctor Krishnan who happens to be a chemist at these India's national chemical laboratory and recommendations on that task group work published last year in a special issue of BMC bioinformatics so you would see somewhere around 20 to 27 recommendation but then what were the 4 major recommendation It ain't corrasion day-by-day was city would do any combustion start using what assistant identified right and us said level but Once And it does card level it requested by day was city would back Sophie shouldn't make that it be published in the farm off scholarly publications got that It encourages by there was due would Door Yvonne established and human being citation practices that that some replicate printed citation that his sister but also takes on Advantages of the digital work and then it was so challenged by was city would to institutionalize what I thought as data usage index thereby be backed off once flawed in publishing that could be SS major and therefore the investment in data management in the research cycle that can be Assessed to similar to what we are going through an impact factor for scholarly publication how we would like to then take on these challenges Public domain of biodiversity data management and publish dubious under their task groups on top assistant identified look that would issue a using persistent identified not only for but we can use assistant identified for water That I caught the specimens be physical vultures That stored in high barium send museums of the Willard and supposedly 6 billion or A natural history museums and Williams splayed across different regions of the would still be persistent identifiers could be assigned to these vultures and large number of them because of the advent into biotechnology lot off of identification is happening through Gino sequence antibiotic Woody so the sequences and said this could be a sign with deep assistant identified Dean Taxonomy names for these organisms are these But song Concepts and names and predictive somber could be assigned with persistent added And then The diaper do Aug . be scholarly publications dual assigned new stood themselves but then also the as literature and multimedia hardware that explains biological concepts deep anatomical features and morphological features of the leaving would could also be died with a persistent identified and obviously D Other objects and people who work in Haiti on Friday but signs that So that is I why ships and that's the recommendation and I as a young saying that we have been that we have started to be toward those issues right Not 1 half what kind of persistent identifies can be assigned to assets and 8 other courts and 2nd which would be the best way to link the persistent identifies from physical culture specimens to debate that accord and not in fact be Natural History Museum London has Arrived at conclusion that they would start assigning be wise to follow each of their 17 million specimens required that house Internet So I don't have a challenging issues and I think it opens up was ship flawed alchemy leg data site to think beyond assigning due Weiss of just how can we assigned those do I gotta carts and watches specimens and link them how we make sure that bad soon died and lack of types and the died specimens are distinguishable from do duplicates how do we make sure that the sequence that has been generated from look particularly vultures persimmon we that accord the scholarly Publishing scholarly I've because I'm debaucher specimens such so that Immense challenges that I think probably this
Community could be used by day was city Informatics Willard as 1 of these by the video Do you think of these linking challenges but there is 1 of our major Problem is that everybody would like the published today but they don't publish data because everybody feels it's still much blurred and Bill right would make that in fact might wanna will experience of Dodi caves in Working in biodiversity Informatics fears that Michael leagues are really happy to fraud and dig that did not publish it don't come and ask me to right But ended up what they perceive door published it Before the the right would make amid and they got that can demonstrative because of the history of holding the assets has been managed and provide ahead We Assess what are the usually uses Of that data said that I can make use of I'm so 1 of the ways that we want to encourage community Right but added that is still only it at a scholarly article so big that it It is A scholarly publication ofthe sociable added a document that describes it does say are reported us what would it brings in remote and publicize The existence of data through the literature those Khalid limited Frazier it brings committee to all those who are in quarantine data publishing and down management and describes the tightness Rupture human readable form our love as well but most ardently being biggest thing that is happening in our work because of the data but it is a dealer your so big assets are undergoing fixed is seeing quality control checks Harvey have something like our fullest 6 days that was published through 6 journalists IRB have about 50 of them by plane at the moment so by end love this year by force quarter of next year We would have about 70 that was published in about 2 years 6 different and then be commuting off at cracking biodiversity jobless About 27 of them have started to work with the EU for Kroger caught by fresh and exploding to make but as 1 of the section in there are jobs as well so that is a men's interest and this is what is exciting for us and he is now ready to take out 6 7 and novelist for writing good Goodman because now he's going to get 1 publications will even if it is in the low impact factor I I think does Something that We believe is possible What we have done is that Jimmy has a publishing blue-chip God in integrated publishing will get new published got through dubious IPP by each our ask you to right Metadata once you write that you have talked openly key which generates dead Transformed admit that that the managed the manuscript is submitted for the job it caused through peer review process of and once accepted then it's published love as Moscow publication and the BUY on The publication is Leads with people assistant identify offered does So it's very much possible initially when we started that it that it was Jost Manuscript Dexter manuscript without any kind of qualitative and quantitative analysis of the current told journalists which are leading this It is Keys and fight away Publishing now obviously the formal end of slaughter said but increasingly now Want to That is These that I'm doing Khalid bin and quantitative analysis and that it says is included as these big work on the complement of so it's possible will have statistical analysis quite assessment and visual presentations off Your deep Duff To be data but out so did that but in waters off Libreville name was the fullest of
Let's come forward and say you can't publish that within 6 of my journal is an evolutionary step in ensuring discovery and access Abided was sources always Internet between this be publication of biodiversity data on bottom scholarly publishing and this is exactly the question that I was raised from would in last 2 Woody because I was always in ended up publishing and those off Mike The league who works with these sequences are works with taxonomy and not me physiology and publishing of high impact journalist below down at my work here is an instrument that I could also see my work on it up publishing who have enough and I think that satisfies eagle but at the same time encourages mini of being neglected them managers Community and of dishes from 2nd challenge is that of citation got given the matter and exactly how it is difficult or impossible given the existing citation matrix systems to identify who would occasionally collected created bought added value to the big article or what the doctor me that's what my friend Dave Roberts prompt And this is a reality menu would you be borders source that that this is warned that kind of citation that are funny string of you which has little head and Gould who is the owner of the truck was the publisher of the cool collected when he collected Howard has been published what kind of quality control it has gone through and so and so forth So what we need to be really meant in was citations string that identifies
Publishers that can give that Can identify the best that are uniquely give greater stood each and every contribute that I the role On that point because the day-by-day biodiversity science is somebody goes To the Feel alleged that data Someone then enters the dying to computer there was a heightened devices which are organisms that is somebody else will duly they enjoy Referencing and then he goes to debate managers community would must that rightly or wrongly and will publish so there are several at least about 20 billion water from deep Deepak collection of data published an ID have chipped in area flirt stores needs to be recognized and acknowledged how that users and updates our data William and as well as how which is the mystery of accessing so therefore to address that challenge Come up with a game of read these recommended Practice for citation of DDE got that is published through our network proponents this who types of side Being Side dish that is Announced by publisher of the saying that Lee's site might be does it adds And the particular strain but When you access the that through a Federated Nicholas like Jim for a particular so strange you Get fired from from several so this form of all these publisher based side dishes there will be great citations and we look at this citations drink will be the cascading publisher citations invaded in doing what so if I just had the elaborate how we will happen and he's beginning to happen now just that brought 1 of was it assets That's ending with Flight 990 these citations according to one's being used that businesses are adopted and implemented will provide information about a publisher of the Vendor data said what was published cool Wanted to get to the data said development and what the roller they Yeah I can access that it said when it was Released when it was last updated and this and that citations is then mapped to digital object identified so Nujoma like Nature and Science Every word and space for every were found I can only give GUI afforded us as a sharp citation and then when I or that you are beautiful Lin citation will result
Other aspect is that I don't have enough encouragement today to invest diamond emerging the directives or did research institutions Don't have enough encouragement to invest in management because this is not conquered D investment visibly out got often institution is So therefore we need a mechanism by which we can ask is They off Once investment and were being data-management ended up publishing therefore in 2009 we came up with the idea of what we call this data usage in it's similar to backtracked for scholarly publishing medical professional recognition mechanism that can also ask The you back from made a publisher and I think that is urgently required if they got management has to be an eager Water Bobby scientific management and scientific management change at less than do this doesn't happen they publishing will always remain a 2nd it will never get a primary focus and therefore Millions and Millions dollars and euros worth of public investment in the signs that people will remain invisible And all the visible down there Cobb so that data usage index added has been conceived is a major impact of publishing by Texas and used by the state Court them in full of using his data for what was how they're using it has Identifying Both But at least we can say that it will at its very much at the moment in a pervert by Bob but then it could be a
Computer on about 14 different about does and In die says it will head as says Deep Impact of publisher of the data said back Given that he is now because they biodiversity Willard about wanting Mehdi area such as Our army your mama's there are a large number of people working in that area but on marine biology there beneath the number of people especially on Centre Court organisms for the the number of people working on that so In fact and scale of impact will change from domestic automatic and we hope that this Look at some stage cumulatively relaunch ahead assessed countries investment in data management and data publisher but this is explained the fullest they put back A 2nd but that that Peter and I wrote in a special issue of BMC by dramatic power Cupidity off on obvious implementation of dual Izod persistent identified that was that citations and their usage index I think essentially defending agency them said delivered to make informed decisions which predicts that they would launch a lawyer with the mind that before you I applied for your next funding have you published that there are all sorts of bodies is currently ever lived Where do we lacked make cat Yzerman instrument to those policy and really direct implementation of these Recommendations will help Yvonne those mechanics whereby you will be able to human the policies but did But Individual signed a starters social are naturally really Jimmy recognition In terms of backtracked that through the research be but That I published and that their usage index for Baker publishing but may I want would dreaming of future is it enough to stop With impact factor and data usage index it's enough to stop with us I think really do consciously wood and move forward thereby we can come up with what I call callers as unified publishing index and let me share my initial reports on what I mean by a new furry publishing and that it's an index which is combination of your currently back Videos to citation impact die usage index or something similar That NSA as they came back from a publishing and any other And to get That would form a unified publishing Ritual comprehensive headquarters Only assets investment and put in collecting they right from collection Analysis the interpretation And the dissemination of knowledge knowledge and wisdom through scholarly publications and another form of dissemination or not and I think that this in my opinion Tell us comprehend similarly Mrs. people's investment in be orally social sciences What that we'd unless and until we don't move forward in the direction I think we as a community can continue to fool around with the attacks fears and investors by investment into the research that they have mandated us Bob mania would say that's impossible I don't believe it's impossible to its like fighting with the Japanese Who's going to do it do we have infrastructure do we have agreed upon and standards do of what will happen The Thomson Reuters if we have To cumulatively they would they like to make and business propose issues and benefits of I have no answer but I think collectively we can look at dances because I strongly believe impossible is nothing thank you really miss ladies and how and reform from take on questions from let me do Locusta Moody
Vasquez and has asked me is to introduce you do well International task group cause international accorded that Cosgrove on a citation standards and practices which is meeting from this afternoon dealers Saturday evening here in Copenhagen at these Zoological Museum and trying to work on D by developing de citation practices essentially does group will work on the report That We hope will be the community by End of this year or early next quarter is being chaired by young himself together with bonding and has a member from different regions of the world and institutions are its
Objectives is to look into existing literature and initiate looking good practices of data for the holiday of citing but essentially the creator of Adonis how Bobby all best practices for citations and for the standards and practices for citations and promote these scientific director vicious Harvey had a meeting last August in working with me made a significant progress and we hope to have that report
Published anytime soon not power we will have a meeting at 48 . conference in that but then have working their love B White Paper by end of this year and the best practice White They put some dying into Fuller start the 2nd quarter off 15 13 and if you have any specific questions addressed in the south on our way out thank you