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Classifying remote sensing time series with SITS

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Classifying remote sensing time series with SITS
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he seeks to you for. in blighty me so let me go straight. slide show seen i hope you can see my screen not all you seem to go why would you show on ok.
so i'm gonna give you a short position hopefully log on on the back to school sits which is under active development and a which will be presented here and the job just so a lot of discussion.
was so disfigured by the actual work of mario's up to retrain lunch to the to what my uses been talking about about the data in the cloud to essentially what we have used a survey to face agencies now rooting more and more data in the involved because story school is one of them out. the song microsoft the credit was years and so one is under the goal here is to all of you who blog as much as possible there are problems to it because of course are on a console the clouds and so what are you have to address certain each shoes so our perspective here is to develop. marriage. wood will allow users to make full use of the data which is available this is a truly moines trying to use as much data as a possible no money a lot of the use or for that same old year. others will be training with the earth observation day to use cold i talk stage first time later you go to war his agent in you select one image sugar is fully represented for getting your in you must find new big an image from a second year new less divided any hope there is also the area. what we approach to solving the call time for most visually we take all instances of crime we try to discard knoll know five use much information as possible classify the time she reasoned the joined the results of the time she was to get the map. why time jury as you cross time series i boarded to measure change has some issues in live in lot b. and b. quickly captured by just looking at one emerge for example if we look at his image you can see. some areas here which essentially a fortune to see the green jersey the highest v. dion the video which is clearly a forest but if you look at the image they are you cannot just by looking at to tell whether what is there and do you get the tyres use and you realize look. say the one which have shown me in on blow into thought the do so time she result but say and you die. has a variation in diet which is due to go off across industries double crockery the other words you plan to use salt and did you know you but again and then you were and they got together and then you repeat the cycle or year by year and this is what's better captured in all. by the time she was killed or so sure to capture transitions times he was also important. was in his the to come use oakland pacific asian using times. indigo use is that you get a series of suckle like images you receive profiles of typical time susan out of what's the ones that say are the critical part of the cell boast that our representative all the classes the we want to use it in use all. resumes the process new star she used to get our government there are being any always comes in many different out with him so much boy oh boy you do to it i would point to all the literature me and my presentation. what is go.
this since spain to six and two point two four site for all of the lives lost occasion so it starts trouble day to cuba thanks to buy used for the find more the date you be used as a very nice paper by use an answer of voters so the bishop day to future by stepping asians. what a day to you because you will extract some samples of today to you as pressure that you basically train used to train the walls but we know as let me assure you the the choice of the wishy learning more to bus to find a day. he is less important by far the quality of the samples saw we also have to go back and just part of the since package that use a state new search is so our self organizing maps to quality analysis of data and to troy. while sample which are not good to see what sells and one another. after doing so quality analyses you can then run the machine learning model. into and through the machine learning all of you can apply so post-processing doing some small thing in the leading to the final match. so typically you work for you would collect your will.
or be owed they did you you will so that the cell post baseball no points where you know why it is used to train and get less fish. ok what is undated this is a very important question because we are fated school debt in not be our community miles says a myself how are you single of definitions or the same definitions for isolated use a regular british most a some time. so this is not repeat this is not what you get when you simply uk says but did he have an easy to white said when i was all or your excess database and issue worth africa or you access data which is my. there are so proud of her beauty what you get their years what they call and not is rated data image for election which each image is directed to all call for the day of the year the sun and ball be opposed to it for about the sun including ball information but it does. all this to sell the all images the bodice a seventy call for the same point in time of sure you an example the little one. now for it is only by building data cute that you can do so the actual on either time she was that i really really first the same point in time or so that they are but you can sure the day of the law to regular petitions we use and since said. they fall very much for the work of my isn't as a will to use all that you don't use in insists would joke huge packages i fully you so heavily insists so we have an a.p.i. just going to say was trying to do good guy as simple as possible to provoke the body. his new zealand but to frighten really should reduce the of wild all fought off shore comas you have to learn. that will get a moron. clear as one fifth straight the cold war in fear is to talk about how many are all you need to do that. we need a few this is also a similar to buy use. we need samples which is essentially times used to improve the formation of they are archived in a very similar form and as the one as it uses forty s. a package orleans to your country we have i'm sure is we have the. action of a model which will be any are any although that classifies data which is trade with the sample so all those included learning. prologue conclusion you meant was a redwood forest in we have the obstruction have to prove unity crew which is due result of the association says for each pixel for each class what's the probability of the pixel below to that last which there is a. able to tease of the for all just we have they are let's say everything to rouse it is a by modifying walking analysing what keen with these for our waters. and again thanks my use for describing what stalking doesn't say a lot of time say is overstretched showed a usable sense to says whatever data is there salt brazil dated you do chores africa are laid out and left microsoft people aren't yet but all the other. others have a static and points so we use the stag a point to all havel unique interface to august and essentially does is the financial you call as soon as you build a few pints a colander for transit you and you say well why sources microsoft the. don't we were sold a to this is the name these are the files that i want this is the start date this year data resolution so the single function and for microsoft you play so wakes up with a source by microsoft issue microsoft follows the same time system which it dies you this is the they will all die. connect to the and second forty five years often get should you there so it's were just for the period used to have a sleep the a.b.i.. those smallest number or be a function that can. the other just like to sell just to remind you we have the object so shield is a lot of that you created by either return to a circle files or by pointing to a second point several most are as sad all four of five series so country can he. if you are going to sean but if you take a sample you will remember if you know a little bit about that stuff. his answer to the us a forward is allowed to launch included as a start date to you. instead of geometry you have the time she did you can block and you can see it in everything but it's so it is an object that is different from that you do that you win as a sense. in the air and we do all locked in a four size of a lot of the word ago testing were so bulls are good or not there's a paper all get so the your indication of just going to say there is this is only very important part of any ledger's trust huge issue is assessing the quality of the.
samples a and this is a very interesting america only four million go out you used to assess the quality of samples how how do you answer the call of december using some a statistical metal door will be earth are you ok so this is the acceptable so here's what should do all you do have you mention are. she dimensionality reduction so as to post these have thought let's say he sat on balance was a new identity i feel this nine been so have nine by nations in general and if you have twenty tree data points you have nighttime stretchy tree so you have a hundred. yours and yours dimensional space is one hundred two dimensional space what the south organize a minute do all they reduced to two directions. of dementia like a reduction in essentially hear what you see is the central square stirred soul you have the new rules all be disheartened it was august so map and their the color so tall are the car as the most are that say the class all. most of the samples that fall into the oil. so although all the laws are all for mostly choice coins all goodness a yellow a araki savannas all the rats us or bottle and so on and then you more and five book i have some sample look at his fourteen year. it should they should go a long together. right if their samples are from the same class you expect there to be earned close in the some stage. because there are similar in the produce so when you see his sample which is outside the digital poster this is a point that you should pay attention. in water use by hondo his boss hide old years is just the us follow all the samples are from the same glass sawyer board. ok now the let's say much of the samples the pope also are from new all two hundred and forty that's the one show in the top. india in new york two hundred forty mode this is the major august some post shows a very strong point of our agricultural pro the end of the year to go until you just saw it. but does a sky and and there is a stroke up again which shares our core have to cross you. the sprats are located in the state of mato grosso see all the all the bubble samples here. in the u.c.b. other neil fourteen to one which is far from this one which is dominated in on the left corner can you see those thought ok and did you see where i d's drives are these guys are in a different place where they will not miss a cell. because the clyde what is different in this region will default the court to does not grow as stroll in those innocent the first rock distro main you get a century rain delay and of the year but did there is a stronger. dry season which starts in april therefore the cord the rules in this part of the orders you were to yellow samples are is different is not so stronger productivity is not so good as the one which is oldest part of his own so all these goodies the good guy savoy its oil or gas its. on but the actual research also soy worn a different. it's what you want to understand the relationship between the data and the colleges in the ecology always wins does the kind of thing you want to do you draw together just your data and say look this is my data and do so trainee you want to understand which place. if you doing with samples from big areas what our local differences a cultural differences between those so you need to meet. what a ok though. yours is already noted. if america also these are the plot you showed should to time just like a curve to time that you regard the extra dimension which is in the indifference spectacle bands right yeah i think this is just better than the g.i. week. i just put on t.v. i was doing it will be difficult to visualize you will have like i didn't mention most surveys. so if you eat or if we think it's easier to understand is that. and this is the sonogram carry now best for the so you have the supposed to uganda trading a year we have a single common and instead of writing those you'll write be learning may understand that you have to use or carers or tesoro or. or you have to understand what is by fortune here best you just want to have told us that anything you just write six straight. say. my data was get help so my data is does what and the method this or any again of course there's a lot of wire he just there are people go into what is the learning rate and so on and so forth but the the forcing sure you that you have something reasonable and this is so.
paper this is all a great abbas chocolate chip which is to defer c n n for the last official selection by judicial deserted don't think it should not run on google. and the moderates brezhnev were dealt last years of forty models but the idea is to show most of all the we have a single. the order phrase home or vice users don't need to write paris which is the current state that people started using care as low by choice no you just write six train given the mental and if you replace resin half year by red of course you get a water. in the you sell the model for for processing in if you have for lots of areas where develop and market is its i long for want to feel things return no like have much of our is the borrowed rosie it's hard but who develops often with workers were a lot of won. machines to how to use his older to a sheen in such a way that you did the merchant so we had to customize norm all the standard prestigious like parlor hour or the snow would give us what he wants so we have to do at work above the way sure that you possess the giants and get me in. indian it turns out to this service you know what wars engine that's great been a gentle giant joined is the fourth and not hundreds of just deserted goal eight twenty or twenty four day on the machine.
and after being used the classification. a typical you get some moisture because of the time she was dire so you have to absorb spatial processing we offer so few others including the the new field to win developed with patients foresee so you'll get some small thing a dog using a nation and. wishes and the other point remains is a ninety five percent bobby is just reaching eighty five percent of the papers published on the table says the journals and similar used only for holiday should not have to assess the quality of the water as i had just plain wrong big.
because the validation only valid age because you value the uk for the additional new data sent samples that they used to train quality they have trained model so you just not that you're not wrong but you don't all right right you walk saw the community has ago what to call practices forced amazing area and assess the insurance you lead. and change does have been used by after your mattress is just what we have implemented the so-called best friend is just as as and just. arizona example if your israel i could sell whole show which state two hundred billion had tears all those around all these are.
basically. twenty three no forty six images we to forty eight thousand eight hundred and fifty samples doggies repriced this is a suitable thing you want to represent a large ecosystem would have huge are also going to be is almost ranging from the whole probably go a bit from the. waited to the graphic on for it. we use the temp syria model which is this what a wall times huge bomb engine room that want to let said a sitting duck i'm sure is in reverse as they don't want to pray for our with the train to twenty hours of the girls us is only twenty two hours and we get glasses for. the meal with the virus and overtures. and of course were stationed around we get we get beyond the call to nine percent result years she sold in the case here i mean to you.
there's no were using the results from their see an ad revenue for some rest and. typically i can see out the set in alpha one here does the red haired a so blackshear to grab a dark green is forced obviously you see the snow and i remember one year which our shores of there is a you can see similar where my mind an urgency my most but this was a force to was before. tested in it. there's also what could have said let's look at the exit.
so my point here is the best clothes ruins it is the book.
the hope. ar. so there is a war is often that you have been following the footsteps saw but just called and as a drop your book. using mark dollars. so i think ice age you been. the link to walk it alone boy work. he described the current version. so i'm going to go. shearer is essentially the same kind of thing that you haven't yet hope the nets have an introduction to a discussion will dated you soldiers are working to date fuels and doesn't work any time soon his tires useless training and so on us to change to show. work in progress but it's already i whole huge bit from it. if you want to those more in the book itself there is the references from sense so did you can get those references and of course we think these all this year has a bar use for so on. fall the beverages you. right so i oil down use the mark down was one month on a show a round things for my rock star but because they are essentially the same of the book. don't hate all does sense. the main issue course in samoa mel not yet what if huge mohseni reduces rarity acres you don't do mostly in this case to be careful both wasn't just made about war simple yes you can acquire huge not apply. into our in the song posting what i would be stimulating measure use i think you care was selected currently years of pleaded. how come all what engines the sun or support use for machine machine learning basically scarce. that doesn't use and help others like should party or those who care all basically a day told what to wear. find a tidy models more care currently do what we need to do it is a truly amazing let me put it does. if you don't want to use the gloomy euros went on horse or actually boost and got a good result in if you want to give learning you have to you can use the typical deep learning but coal ocean new networks and occasional networks are all the rage right not so i'm not sure we need to improve. more engines for wishing going but that's a discussion you can have legal so now i'm going to do so on following drawl mother most year so i'm going to go you to the introduction. so as you can see let me make sure i clean environment so are you are stupid you will save or you don't you could get all the war. so now. you can have. and i hope you will have doubled between the also as well. i hold the usual order told the pope a new record call since the estate for his you got so friend would not allow us to have lots of data so he had to be a better to do so interesting years so i'm going to great a few. we're going to rain to you based for local far. now. grow a local forest is that you don't have stepped so what do you do so in since norm have reached this year just for your information if you want to use low fires you can do. which one is bogus a single so if you want to use local fire as you can do but you have to tell since what to four hours or. let me make it bigger so you can see some major. because there is no way to go out currently in am still to date back far as a defiant what your data years. so you have to give good was so he insists all what to taiwan is what's the day and it was the date you can quote is in any order as long as they're separated also guide have delivered to the idea of using days it's because of center now uses this probation or less that uses disco beijing. forget teenage with the limits or not. fuel. so are two stories carry. is a size ok for you can you want me to make a bigger ok so so you see here in soho fire and to parse chief also bars even is all were his reign you have you don't have a name with twenty one while why is the whole case for all the dial.
the bear it and eight. the ones who have or you have updated you so of data you insist is of people if you go with the table it. they to cubans it is a table and just the ball is basically has a lot of information in there is one thing here want to get all file full which is basically the informational the bio school day dear it's what makes this case you can see that. it's just a place or in our interest this package but you get basically a child aged under eighteen you can ask things like oh what's the timeline of this sort. time line. oh you. so you all seem to me that it has been nineteen twenty two hundred twenty tree time steps to grazing for all fourteen of nine to twenty eight all for fourteen of september to twenty eight have always in the next year. can use of space as a because i'm using starts here. aborting shoulders as you bought i don't know how to port of call haitians in stars that's why for want answers to showcase his t.v. iberian for taiwan and you can plot. and eight you. so you can follow a this is basically said are all of all the pork from one from both to go through. you question let's suppose i started g. forgo data as usual to connect with darwin giorgini no no because i r g e just a is is a is like a fraud and to the boy got the sit safely ice different from the wood. for example the suits trade all heavily will and electrical goods for except we do training were were served. with the functions that do not exist in a boy guy such as the word. a google doesn't use the same. callers as we do portable so. these are the several show now all i told you better we have a you hillary house samples. so this is. basically sample we going to use to train them all. so evolve how many samples are you just type simple model grows ruled thirteen he was you have for a thousand eight hundred ninety two several goes there can purchase shawl you kill for example how to walk down all you can say all me. parents might have already said host. poles who want to grow. you have a t.v. idea i knew already been around forever for example what sometimes years i should be the same as that you soul. you can and very fight crime lying all fully is the same as the you just know. ok now have two structures one table which will days are serious in the queue. can say ok i want to see us. ok so i gotta there's a book here several special several short. so i'm so acting here choice century what i did hear was his should be so it was forced danger for food huge because refined works shows just should be forced the u.c.i. in singles forest and you're right so. have here is basically you feel to clear all those sample although several label is of course head off than you sample of your selected the interview i belt and then you bought they have seen that of barbie year this is wrong bar. use the median a loan deal of bars designers seem to want to arrange a own serve hornbarger is the first and quite a big blow to use your job and into what i range because all was the us as a muscle or on a mire. holdall more bobbies it be better i need a new the overly amused your really how did you get the values from the queue. i prepared. for united to show you in almost every moment but at heart no problem. it's all addition to its of space time overlay should be interesting but also a that let me show you the show you a another example it helps me to get.
so a second acceptable chain. of acceptable. this is or another real example now i mean i was on. i am selecting at you. i am so that theories you sure you start this. the bucs session drug. to interact. singh he seriously and all the. we start. we started our. historically our session wider shame. the indian violated. now the bubble but let me just do something which i hope that this was also presses gate. why is or year to explain to you the disease you have to have does she died he needed a photo id to get into our muscles so this is my have gotten brazen but oh let's go to arms or so now is to be your example. of course. so i and. going to i was on getting too cute you see a to toast. kroger center all. with parents and four years. the dreaded huge huge was stuck. richard dire as to your just did. he has to august while i was the first pyotr several ideas that. show for so. you would run into trouble. it's going to wind. the study. eight twenty allocate the stakes yourselves sixty eight stations like seventy seventy one guard steps. the circuit. has been. the forty forty one forty two forty three forty four in trouble. what you get four hours old. two. neighbouring towers with different routes that what you have to go my huge just want to show you where you are right that they take you so since regularized is false. you don't huge social voted or cute she also thriller i think basically it says now to this what you get me a regular you we to a period of sixteen days major as a radiation recently by idea and i have a problem. the dates of course i'm not going to run because it throws a lot but india produces a set of regular fires. lots of fashion ok so i can say these are local farmers. now beautiful first to regular few years ago. two years old i prepare it for a all right. so this is the you as you don't huge created for me. how vital shifts. lloyd. as a tool regular you. what. the boy the whole i have twenty protests were pretty good but the way for this is what they asked for every sixteen days in a fight to the second die or. just a few more years. now hold their stores without question. so i am prepared to get the cells what you'd want to get us there was unique. square. i know. said ocean and foremost come as a or and c s t. as years the us years he says like to go to start a a day late. you can run it for a shanghai was well this is what use of years. latitude longitude air date or label in our idea of today i say give me the regular. so from my data. the answer a question. the morally basically that's the space try this is based on i get here he is a bright star so let me go back to the book. so you now back to the sept while many already devalues did when you all you do to media and right so no way to go ok step by step. i create a regular you use injury though cubes. i remember i had the beginning to all tribes with completely different high tide lights one had some point the same period for us to appear to have died. the frequency of the images are different. innocent in this is what you get in there was no industrial for joe for any certainty that almost a. actually surgeon or so. the first are now twenty al qaeda be it. has an acquisition all the team of of all june or july than accept as usual babies that you don't wait eighteen the next one twenty seven twenty minutes walk for just one time now you have to start the thirteen of july did as a.
usual the fifteenth which this will those in her. the other position has long been twenty eight but this guy has all the twelve years. it's the court restored a satellite. so these are not as israeli data but these are low a few. by the world to use before. what would your world taiwan guy has cost is not what it saw two thousand more consistent with its off the ball just a prejudiced occasion as a starter questions so did best quite so i have to regularize that you. india and i get sixteen days. using a media of bed in if you want to understand what the medium better works trees go to the documentation you don't you. india i had a great q. and a can talk classification. now so let me go back to finish the story so i have now. samples a regular you. in our way to select. we're going to just two fed to be faster was allergic to beth choice of life who bears like i said i train all. so here are what i do a search friday when my data sets a train more in this case. some steps here one irish the old regime your network. which is a shortage years water which is pretty good. close to the state of the art that you can get so it's strange stories a work in its fourth grader you'd have bought it. india and hopefully it down you can do it was uk should just have to wait for the less than a minute. true i did lots of questions are just so you money as well. what. just because it's so they are all you want. woods. if you were to a joint response of westerns. sean noted above all to do what they mean. force or use surgeries shoots work on our first dream know how we were not commented or destroyed. working version tree how we were all version four point one four when she walks but we recommend the latest version remember it's not all crime yet because we're just so. so we have or tuna the dance scene and water. and this is the result. this is the lot of the result so it shows that has for first passed again its testing years itself right so essentially his serve the trainee data about the digital a very close we have a model hope to it it's not bet. you owe. as the system together simple interface classify the data using that war. then your class quite a day to day using them although a you have your rowhouse true. about. there is off ok here. have to result in death. the broader probabilities are a boy century the ditches served as a wet realize it because there's just the stars walked toward white gap in the blog what i get into a lot is the output of the machine. every model to hear it's the on a scale of four zero two to also was your one the lightly who would off each week so been a force in the likelihood of each tito be so been a bastion of probability. he was a big so i had was sad to hear it. don't i could go directly to lead met that's what to go bust but if you have the problem it you can you can be rivals certain you can dollars and in particular you can do a spacious mostly so here i cared for example most. the probabilities. bought. maybe you can see the interiors small slice or maybe all those alike the it's nicer but it's your choice whether you want to do this whole thing or not a just war you know the logo that the arc a sci fi have to choose the truth the arc a story this moving to keep the starkest the injured or about. danger eating increases actress because it pays equally it does so with a long story but if thousand days you have a beta estimation all of our or. all the thing show it served in statistical terms it should include your from group you group the actress she does for and finally you can label label means that you do. labeling classification show a year. you want to label. again this is basically the. classes and all it was of course you can say that the wooded huge is because i was soon all label follow a user q so soon not label is a queue. and as soon not label dollars dollar fire in full health location that should care and this is all felt that you can see where you want. and. that's it i think it's enough for the demo failed everything is on on on the on the whole new book so i can tell you that these go to go so i think years i could now start to cherie as.
the you and they all the mark most remarkable saying. monterrey to questions by the way she collected the questions for you so he will have a boss on.
i think you also most of them now on to the we could have the moral of the sea of their own so open questions.
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the question your answers.
the question but how to generate a simple dated dates in the symbol not fit the days of the regular q generated was in question had the same but first of all let's go let's look at the age of the said.
let me show screen again. ok now.
let me show you.
well where oh where all not just one. so what do you have typically is. olds this will be. and seven holes for you for what you ok. back in. what you have to carry else said. is this. the ishtar gate india and eight are so it's a different experience experience the trading day are serious get serious so we said that period it will get whatever its oil the if the day that you has one hundred images in the spirit. the time she was will get one hundred pairs for bet it as directed at fifty better she best twenty get pretty bad. you just our way i want to start year and the idea you you basically if the patient has more it will all equal act. within that period so basically the same post on a terrorist. just call. when you do desegregation you do a medium you tried also taking like cost and of the asian of devalues in the in the span. product maybe did could also help increase the accuracy well that's just the two points while he is what happens ways to be what happens when you do is so obvious regularisation just the would be great what i have gone is i relied on the world's largest and that's because i think the. the basic prince fall off if there is a package to the us so we want to use a don't go to a so basically an ability to make decisions dinner so you need to permit rise there will be folded you choose our videos you how do you accuse aggregates try to run the unions or something. what if she is needed is a good part meter in general but we cannot just point out where locking made not making gone in the very strong assertions i think what we see is the what old trolls the quality of the strangest not what are we. we've had a good result to regularize dated you sitting dated what controls the actress she is whether your sample scale new record tools. ecology. so remember this is the crucial bit all the rest is still is really really i would argue. all the rest is knocking board.
right let's just remember to four hours if you had if you get a huge area was you buy a surrogate will call worst. the quaker to the current record if you all equal access hosing one place and tried to classify somewhere else do you use more given that your samples will represent what a date are prone to somewhere else will do so. and this sense the needle values are not be because the overall us a shape of the curve. he's the one hole useful trolling the accuracy shape of the quarter of a horse negotiations are going to have doubts for the moment my answer.
on around your question.
no. for the as a radio course is automatically.
below its automatic to the extent that you have the tools and you can do it automatically i never say i mean if you look at the documentation of the song that you can actually a round hole prose is automatically without looking at the day i don't recommend it to you. i really recommend why senses you have to live with today. have to live with your data or go to bed would have to understand it centers that because you are dealing with be called huge knock on people's faces a small dog it's the call g. it's a big watch over the issues of ecosystems that you're trying to capture something that you have to use them very well the reality is the. ground there's no miracle on the day i want to talk like a at some of these to programming i mean i really like it to see it's like a kind of like a human like a wet person and you're going like a four lines you know you could don't really train model and get the map to drill enables people but what about the good.
the computing time i mean you could make some could like you show your book meaning it can go like a won many do you have some. one way to be for people such computing an estimate the complexity of computing and so that they don't jump into computing and leaving like running for ten hours on the user any tool for the last year or so.
the point. but i just want to show all won the final bid year which i say it is important for you to understand it's a sci fi no mendocino similar thing will be opponents bought about the it's even better to have died of a function that the estimates.
so what could be a computing die more complex you feel or so.
for me this is all those are eager to avoid what about how i'm telling you is are not sure we will have it at the moment born sure we don't have words let's put it this way. but what i wanted to show you is something else that me show you the foreign workers. i get me sing ones the this is the example i like to show a lot which is says on the following question here is how many lines of code do you need to classify. regional off two hundred me back to the right way with the state of the art with the state of the art out.
classic a classified. ok so it turns out to be one two three four five six. so this is all it takes. just five hundred new york actors show you the fighters you individually and dated you were sled sat you pass or region of interest so you say i want to shape five orders around. i have to stand whole create serious me yet been a sample. so since get data since you shoot straight train the water using a tear see their network classify using does model here. how to make of probabilities. label the classification and you get just two hundred million hectares twenty four hours of processing korea thousand cranes six our homeowners i think it's hard to beat. you can do better but the less like hope our batting. i'm betting does not even horse engine bus only does and doesn't have to experience those parents that interprets so a lot the warthog were into the a.b.i. a lot of things he spent a lot of time considering how best to have an a.p.i. the nice black city.
daughter to copulate a lot of his injury to his own google google of engineers and has a study art i don't i'm not sure where it can deal with time series data with these.
you all are all my time she is in such ways so that is a that is a really cool creature.
the inca not use so a knee any kind also offered the only answer.
question what us to grow you cannot you have to export all day to into the buoyant platform in data do you have to write joint year years you have to write the old and by coal or able to get the results so you have to really bright yellow care. first job. his know this last question omer all most likely to matter most which he'd learning algorithms are available and sits beside stands you in and restaurants any to hold the scene in all know to d.v.d. box theater war with because which was using time she was so he bought one key we have for out for so extreme.
most of the traditional one so it's she boasts royal forest and s.p.l. and then the holcim labour second when walking all of facial networks but it's not an easy one. we're discussing wonder if this was going to treat the c n n it's something to be discussed but of boys is that doesn't mean what you have time and sort of memory big holes that you look and in one that's that's just what we're looking at me while still c n n is one key so.
was still training my sting address that is also a time series and addresses because you basically use now use bazin post children right where you basically saying by the us nichols then i'm going to some small than ours.
kind of course the time processing units they show post-processing into sober a process where you get ideally you would sort of dunedin won i guess you would like to be single or so that's what that's why we call the tide first place.