By the Power of Plone; Case Carousel at University of Jyväskylä Revisited

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By the Power of Plone; Case Carousel at University of Jyväskylä Revisited
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I was showcasing through various projects the different usage and benefits of Plone at our university. This year I could revisit few of those, and come up with a bunch of other projects where Plone is used successfully. I wouldn't go into too much technical details, but more like highlight the core aspects of Plone through different cases: Flexible permission management, overall robustness, content management usability, possibility to integrate to other systems, some TTW-tricks where you don't need programming skills, workflows, content rules etc.
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okay so yeah i'm rico pacquiao in uh university of uvascula finland and i've got this case carousel of uh almost all of the things that we have done with blonde since 2003 in our university so i have lots of things to tell you so let's just get started
my role uh in the university is that at first i was some kind of developer and then nowadays i'm a team lead and still do some training and support and some kind of a child transformation at the university but uh here i'm going to go through the different cases that we have uh done with soap and blonde starting from 2003 and university vascular has some 15 000 students and another 15 000 in the open university department and 2 700 staff members and six very different faculties from sciences to i.t and humanities and so on and i work at the digital services and our job is to maintain support and then develop these digital solutions for the university
and back to 2003 it all started with this virtual university project that had had a mandate to like explore new life and new civilization in the internet world and and this guy yusi talaski we who still works with us and is here in the conference also found soap and plone for us in 2003 and we start with a couple of sites that were built on soap and we could edit the content through browser which what was at that point netscape navigator and first major system we built with soap was moni vesting which is a translation of multimedia and it was and it still is a video publishing platform with live streaming and recordings and text and images and files and all the basic content management stuff and you could also edit the content through a browser and and we built it in a couple of months during that spring another thing is was tutka research and publication data system also built on soap and it's still running it's still there even if the university moved to another research information system a couple of years ago we are still running this one and then money based in another thing about it uh we had this killer feature that we could publish videos but another killer feature was that we could hide the videos and and that's still a thing in these days so we can show videos only to those people who need it
first clone sites came to the university in 2004 this was the virtual university project website maybe plan 2.05 nothing too special here well it was a special it was the first one but this change was a bigger one in 2005 a couple of faculties wanted to renew their websites and we said that well we have this thing called plone so would you like to try this and they were we're like okay let's see how it goes and we managed to create the three faculty websites in just two months maybe and other faculties where after that like hey we want that too and then the other faculties also joined in and soon after we also published the universe the main website the build with blo plone and we also had this ldap integration so that it would be easy for the editors to log in a couple of years later 2009 yet another major blown implementation called copa which is a basket it's a learning management system for our university and it has two simple very simple use cases first one to show public course material for anyone and then the other one was to show course material only for those students who have enrolled into a certain course and we did integrated it to our study information system at that time called corpy the first version probably ran on plone three and soon after we updated it to blown for something 2010 uh we created another copa another learning management system for open university which had the other 15 000 students and they wanted this very simple feature or useful feature that students can also return assignments so they can watch the material return assignments and that's it and it was also built in a couple of months and it was very useful that we could just deploy empty clone site and the editors could start adding their contents there and while we still built the theme and the other features it at first it ran on clone 4 beta or something like that money based in uh the video publishing platform uh more features loan for mobile playback support back in 2010 that was kind of new and html5 video we tried to went on the leading edge with that video platform then and still do other universities wanted money investing also so we created another installation for them 2010 even more a portfolio this is a student portfolio site where they could add their skills and objectives and create different presentation portfolios and you could drag and drop tiles there and add custom content types and export the portfolio and so on and we haven't developed this in many years but it's still running just fine and someone is still using it 2011 payments system some managers at the university wanted to sell pens and marks but our quite more ambitious ambition designers wanted to create a whole platform to sell digital products and we did that and there's also blonde form gen so we could create custom forms to enroll to a certain events and then pay it and of course it has integration to find our finances and systems and the payment provider in finland and sales throughout the years is like 10 million euros and over 100 000 transactions gone through that payment system pretty nice intranet you should check out kim's presentation earlier but shortly we had and we still have faculty and departmental intranets implode which so info that's uh only for that department so we create a folder and set the internet workflow there that's kind of it it's very simple with plone we have ldap groups and blown groups and manual groups are really flexible and can be used in combination with the automatic groups and this was also like a natural growth in adoption not a strictly led uh project and they are still in use uh here's a just a simple clone four site in 2000 created in 2011 and it has custom content types and last time we checked it was still running so it's there 2012 new team to university main websites and all the faculty sites uh update to clone four and it has a responsive design which was kind of new at that time to have responsive websites 2012 uh student well-being service this is based on psychology research and there's material to cope to cope with anxiety depression stress and feeling down and this blonde site has two main functions first was a self-study material for locked in university users and the other one was these coached courses with anonymized user ids for student and student coaches and in this case security was it still still is very important since students write their own personal journals about their well-being and it is multilingual with four languages at the moment first blonde four and then long five i i'll catch my breath and let's move on uh 2013 something we have used digital forms the all time that we have had blown and there are thousands of forms generated and those forms are generated by the content editors themselves not by admins or technical professionals like us and forms are very very powerful it's the first step to digital sizing your own processes so use them and we did develop one add-on for forms from which people can export the data easily to excel or open office and so on okay this is one of my favorites um it's a portal for selecting minor subjects and it has faceted search add-on thanks to the guys at eea for that add-on there's custom content type and basically there was no programming needed since we could do everything through the web and it took a couple of days to build it and it's been running ever since okay uh money vesting you remember our
video publishing platform 2014 we created this lecture capturing in certain rooms and halls and also integrated this to our study information system so we could automatically schedule lecture capturing and we do have touch screens for manual use but this uh very much gave more effectivity to our video production that we could do it automatically and just publish it then in money investing or hide it if we wanted to
uh the learning management system 2014 we created this uh feature that student can return assignments uh 2015 we had the electronic exams development time from a very experienced plane developer maybe two days and since then we have had thousands and tens of thousands of electronic exams or these assignments returned 2016 the blood in detection number one and 2019 plagiarism detection number two in the creation so using the same system and just integrating new features there another favorite of mine human technology this is a scientific article peer review system and here you can see the uh the design of the workflows that they had in mind when we started this project and they asked can you do this and the answer was of course sure yes we can do it and it has over 15 different and combined workflows there are content rules combined with 150 maybe different automated messages many roles semi-automatic messages and so on um we are using plone portlets for showing state and role-based instructions that can be easily edited through the browser we use comments for discussion and every other blown feature too what we didn't have to do is to do any like theming there so it looks kind of clone 4 but it has collected 45 000 objects and many many scientific articles through it so that's nice it wasn't easy though 2015 uh okay there was a case or casey is that we needed customized forms to collect data in a phone survey that would be really easy to use and easy to export the data in excel so we used plumino add-on and last time we checked a couple of weeks ago there are thousands of responses collected and we haven't touched that site in many years aside for the some updates but it's very robust okay moving on uh each one teach one a pair program for students from different countries to learn different languages create it first at lone 4 plan 3 and then clone 5 and it has custom content types custom workflows permission management all the things that come out of the box with plone ftpi something it's a multi-school course listing and enrollment system it has integration to hakka which is a finnish identity provider it has custom content types and the build time was like a month and it still works
university of juvascular main website 2017 this was a major renewal we had new visual team and we use mosaic a lot
and i mean a lot lot so there are this drag and drop free from grid layouts and lots and lots of customized styles hero banners embeds content listings rss feeds instagram facebook embeds and so on it's responsive all the way and and we had at first these ready-made rigid templates but and users wanted more and we let them lose let's not talk about that anymore um
lone 5 migration at that point and the content amount was over 100 000 pages and we migrated everything even if we maybe shouldn't have but that was what the users wanted so just serving the public oh no
internet um 2018. so this is uh and still is a internet for staff and students it has news and events and instructions and memos and search and occasional commenting and all the basic intranet stuff that you would want dashboards and and so on it has also the ultimate news and events generation machine where you can create a news item and pinpoint it to a certain audience it has lots of mosaic views and it's bilingual and integration too many different systems also automatic groups in there okay oh yeah oh i've been talking fast but so i can slightly slow down a super recent document for doctoral students so this was built on top of collective flow add-on by asco and this whole thing combined with blown provides a full feature digital workflow engine and solution and it's mostly based on clone out of the box features and so there are workflows and permissions and dexterity customized content types for for and everything you would want and need and i have a presentation from pawn conference 2018 with more information about this another example of this uh collective flow this is salary claims for short-term employment there are these digital forms and workflows and roles and permissions and in this case additionally robot framework integration so in the end of this process we generate and send this generated pdf to external salary system and the robot in the inserts data there since the external system doesn't have any good api so we just put the robot do the dirty work and 1 800 claims submitted and delivered so far so it's a massive improvement over the old paper process that we had
multilingual 2003 2020 and and forward it's absolutely a mandatory feature for a university like us so in finland um there are two languages finnish and swedish that are like mandatory and then everyone uses english also so that's why we need it and we have had two kinds of translation types we have the separate language language folders in phone or then we have used lingua plan or this new phone app multilingual for one to one translations very important feature
okay here's an example of plone as a content management system in 2020 so someone has added content back in 2004 and when you come back at 2000 2020 it's it's still there and it's still working through a couple of uh migrations so if you put content to clone you can be sure that it's safe there now we finally get to 2020 or finally or pretty fast actually and i go through the our major products that we have i have presented here so open university co-op party's learning management system it still looks the same as it did in 2010 it's it's fine it's there it now has the remote exam it has the integration to block your system detection software and there are 67 000 returned assignments since 2015 and older ones were remu removed so maybe double the amount and thousands of courses and tens of thousands of students that have used it used it since uh then this university coppa this is funny that or funny this year finally eu and finnish law enforced accessibility more strictly and when we when i went to gopa to check if it's accessible since we haven't touched it that's the theme since 2012 the accessibility checker said that no errors and no contrast errors so it's almost a vanilla clone and it's accessible since 2012. that was really nice and last year we integrated into our new study information system and we have 7600 courses and 67 000 assignments and over 100 000 pages and files as a study material there moni vesting the video publishing platform it still looks the same as it did in 2010 running on plan 4 it seems but this year we did integration to automatic finish speech recognition and subtitle generation because of the accessibility laws so we have 19 000 videos and when we update automatically or manually new videos and they usually are in finnish the machine translates the text and generates subtitles that's pretty awesome and we have various workflows for public and external videos and we can of course edit the generated subtitles in the browser as we have been able to do that since 2014 maybe when we first implemented that feature and uh as it comes to the other multivesting sites that we have on other other universities there are maybe 30 000 other videos so the amount is some maybe 50 000 videos
most of which are very long university website this year another theme upgrade with accessibility in focus and even more mosaic features and most likely pages there it's nice and also this year volto as you might have seen in this conference we have been giving a couple of talks about how we use walter in our university we now have one public micro site but one major installment which is used as a back-end for open university study guide it's really fast easy to use and next year we are going to develop this new portal also built on plone for international students
so those were the cases and then i i want to summarize all of this in a couple of slides i still got time so we have had some hurdles throughout
the years we have too much content and nobody ever deletes the old content and we have two good search engine optimization people are asking why do these people from australia keep contacting me about my venomous spider research well it's because your clone page in university if you vascular comes first in australia too someone wants a small pretty website with the carousel maybe plone hasn't always been the best choice for that sometimes heavy transactions have made sites low but we have fixed that with caching but caching is another problem and just because we can say yes we can to everything it has generated maybe some additional work for us because we just have to do it then and for uh some developers with short time at the uh house the learning curve can be quite steep but we have had lots of good developers that have been able to do clone stuff so it's not impossible yeah that was one slide with the hurdles and then a couple of slides with the things that blown excels in content management the whole folder page structure is very very powerful easy to understand and basically using clone has been easy since the content editors have been able to create hundreds of thousands of pages um and not that much like uh problems with it flexibility as demonstrated we have integrated prone to anything and make made it to almost anything and it's been very very robust so so this integration to automatic speech recognition is to plan for and it can be done in 2020. permission management is uh absolutely fantastic and there has ever been any situation that we couldn't have done with plone there have been very very difficult feature request that we must do this but not this and this one for this one and but everything can be done with loan permissions security that's a one thing that's very good in blown and the commitment from the community is really good i hope my voice still works for these couple of last minutes workflows any combination of workflow transitions and states and permissions is possible and any number of workflows can be used together it's not always wise but hey you can do it if you want uh accessibility as demonstrated loan is accessible and that's really important these days through the web editing and configuration without actual programming some people can do pretty much anything in a browser through blown and soap and some css and that has been fun you don't always have the developer on hand so this is nice uh css classes on body so every page has exact class for folder structure role content type and so on it makes customizing the views very easy and clone has readable urls some systems just don't have that so appreciate it when you have it uh license costs let's say 17 years over 100 services and sites and digital solutions tens of thousands of users hundreds of thousands of content every imaginable integration customization and yeah it hasn't the license cost has been like nothing
nice ah that's it wow 28 minutes go fast when you talk fast i wonder if we have time for questions or we or should we head to thank you yeah rico pekka thank you
very much for the talk and the insects
and that's also wow so many plant sites and at one place i think that's really great