Introduction to 2nd NOKIA-IHES Workshop

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Introduction to 2nd NOKIA-IHES Workshop
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[Music] [Music] welcome a killer piece workshop on C minor turcot laborit river nokia lice la studieuse is where a mini disc is furious we will have to win the last day of writing which was not so different willy was in tulle udder and pottu find eyes contract river nokia our organization is what [Music] philippe la caisse minors leads to three a force for days inn want that we want conference to act or 5.6 haulotte me one on the ground active anti odors reading or accepting specter of the infinites April to this program one to one group i enjoy the day or yes just diffuse micro tour 5th manual soria ce1 emmanuel thank you for loving you too big to day a desire linas' place excellent in place all to study to do and youth in just view open the world to tell you that for bell labs
it is really vital tweb interaction with academics d'isis qui a joui fc mbaye de past du ring of history with contributions frommer academics hot summer atmani ordi has breakthrough this happening the industry or notary been possible and lay and disease of reason why there is a good to work shop it is the braille thing of sagan dior in vain collaboration and something you bind which l asia or saïda where l 'act or 5 10 organizers philippe dit happy reading for all the things that we will learn to day 1 du wydad spending too much time du
ring de corps except dit history of telecommunications and we have seen dit yange is over de dick and for in search of using morandi hardware in the operating system and of very big henning handel of things evolving with more important except for telecoms applications space-based networks henson and today we are as binst daddy and to increase intelligence will be from my drivers of view of the challenge of tiles and fun and onex dickens out of ten of reason why we are here today to he will not say you started to continue as important to peaks force india to wil finish buy-side atias was important tout pour tout cas d'heure engineers and scientist mathematician computer scientist to generate what do you want it i need to
great work shop
[Applause] [Music]