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Database-Less Extraction of Event Logs from Redo Logs

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Database-Less Extraction of Event Logs from Redo Logs
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Release Date2021

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Process mining is widely adopted in organizations to gain deep insights about running business processes. This can be achieved by applying different process mining techniques like discovery, conformance checking, and performance analysis. These techniques are applied on event logs, which need to be extracted from the organization’s databases beforehand. This not only implies access to databases, but also detailed knowledge about the database schema, which is often not available. In many real-world scenarios, however, process execution data is available as redo logs. Such logs are used to bring a database into a consistent state in case of a system failure. This paper proposes a semi-automatic approach to extract an event log from redo logs alone. It does not require access to the database or knowledge of the databaseschema. The feasibility of the proposed approach is evaluated on two synthetic redo logs.